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How Do You Plan An Office Relocation?

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Relocating an office is a big move. Whether it’s to another city or another state, there are a number of variables involved in the process. As a business owner, you’ll have to account for relocation costs, lost productivity, moving fees, deliveries, and other disruptions. You’ll have to notify team members and make sure that they know to expect any delays. It’s also important that they keep track of the tools and equipment they need for their workflow. If you’ve already found the perfect place for your new office, there are still a few key essentials that you need to plan for your office relocation. Here’s how to plan for the move without missing a beat.

Find a reliable moving company.


During the move, you’ll want to find Miami long distance moving companies to help you with moving equipment, files, and other office essentials to the new location. Hiring the right moving company is essential in order to guarantee that your equipment is handled with care and that everything is accounted for during the process. Long-distance movers can help you every step of the way, from the packing process to the transfer as well as the unpacking. Interstate moves can be stressful, so it’s important to find a moving company that can help you every step of the way.

Make sure that your new office has proper security and access control.

Your new building should have sufficient security protocols in place. And it’s important that you provide access to all of the right people. If you’re using an access solution like Swiftlane for example, then you may be utilizing a video intercom system, key cards, PIN codes, or even a mobile unlock system to provide your employees with touchless entry. There’s nothing worse than having employees show up to your new location and have issues getting into their office and experience a loss in productivity. So, check out the latest Swiftlane review and do your absolute best to avoid any technical issues.

Choose a designated point of contact.



When it comes to business operations, there’s usually one individual who is always aware of everything that is going on with the team as well as the business itself. This could be a department manager or even a human resources manager. The idea is to designate one of these employees as the “moving manager” who is then tasked with being the point of contact for anything related to the move. This can involve everything from signing out equipment from inventory after the move to providing employees with access control to the new location. It’s important that this role has someone that is detail-oriented, organized, and responsible. This individual can also be the point of contact in case the moving company can’t reach you when you’re in between locations.

Ask employees about their needs.


During the moving process, it’s important that you ask employees about their needs. While most businesses prioritize customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction also guarantees retention. It’s important to support employees, especially when changes are happening in the workplace. They may even have some feedback regarding how the new office will operate in order to improve workflow. Since employees spend a lot of time at work, they know about the ins and outs of the need for meeting spaces, storage, accessibility, or other equipment. Some departments might work better when they’re placed closer together and some roles might do better with more privacy. Listen to your employees’ needs and use their feedback to create the best possible workplace.

If you’re planning an office relocation, there are a few steps involved to ensure that everything is hassle-free. This page is a great place to start.





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