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How to Submit Guest Blog Posts | Avoid This Biggest Mistake When Guest Posting

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Rules & Tips for Submitting Guest Blog Posts.

Never get rejected when you request to submit guest blog post. Sounds Great? Oh Yeah, but there are rules, tricks to get there.

Guest Posting Sites You Should Submit To For More Organic Traffic

​​Things to Consider Before You Submit a Guest Post

​Write blogs on Topics which are relevant. Context must be presented in detail, to the point with images. Make sure all content are ​plagiarism free. SEO friendly articles are well liked by all, so add H1, H2 headings, parsgraphs under those headings, bullet points with do, don't and other information, detail content, images with alt text, caption, links to other relevant urls. Last but not the least, finish with to the point informative conclusion.

Write 2 or three lines about yourself as writer, author biography if allowed. Add your contact number also if permitted, but these are not that important that the overall content of the guest post you are submitting.

Understand the audience you are targeting and detail content on those subjects will bring more traffic. So Targeted audience could be home improvement, shoppers, eCommerce, drones, travel, finance, Auto, Health, Science, Technology, banking, Insurance, internet, bitcoin, web hosting and many many more I can add here.

Read guidelines about submitting post from the website itself where you are submitting the guest post. Also decide on where to get correct describing images from.

Avoid this biggest mistake when guest posting:

Don't write article in promotional style. Always remember, article is written first for people to read and make informed. Readers really don't want promotion, when in this age of internet there are so many digital promotions everywhere and contents are abundance.

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What Is Guest Posting and Why Should You Do It?

Guest posting means submitting ​plagiarism free post, images to a website of your choice or targeted publication that your audience trusts. If done correctly, guest posting is a win-win situation for All because writer gets audience with author getting recognition,  will get to expand your reach to new readers, and the publisher gets the chance to run new content that shows new insights and ideas with its old and new readers. Infact publishers also gets knew keywords ranked by google if guest post was written with SEO in mind. And ofcourse the readers get new information to read!

This all might sound too good to be true, but publishers won't accept boring, repeated, old fashioned, lazy, tardy article. Infact I have seen many publishers who even do not accept fantastic content because the post is not SEO Optimized.

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​​How to write perfect pitching email to guest post your blog?

One very natural thing according to my experience is that if you are a good blogger, creative writer, you also know how to contact, communicate the publisher for your article to be published. Having that said, here are few tips on communicating with publishers.
Pitch yourself as an experienced creative writer, don't ask for chance or anything. Just go on with your awesome past experiences, previous blogs written for other publishers.

Then write down titles in bold, mentioning what you are writing about and why. Use an informative subject line, start with a personable greeting, include a short synopsis of the content, and always demonstrate respect for the publisher’s time and schedule. Don't just push or you might get rejected.

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