5 Essential Car Care Tips for Working Moms this Winter Season

​Indispensable Car Care Tips ​& Auto Accessories

As a working mom of 3 children (and a pet), I feel as if I spend half my life inside the Car. From carpool duty to baseball training to running shops, we are a household on the go. Occasionally, I am lucky if I assure to put gas in the car let alone help keep it running in tip-top form. Until a couple of months before, basic vehicle maintenance was at the exact bottom of my to-do list.

car care tips

Car care tips

But after other children in the carpool began observing how used my car was, and after I could not reply my 10-year-old’s inquiries about how to see the oil in the car, I thought about making some changes.

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Basic Car Care Does Not Take Long!

I usually believed of car care as something that occurred when I dropped my car off to the metal garage for oil replacement. There would be spark plugs, and other kinds of stuff included that was not at all my cup of tea.

I’ve gained a lot in the last month, and I’m eager to share it with you. Precisely, I have decided to emphasis on the things I could do to have my car fresher and cleaner, running better, and that would have my family harmless.

Oh – and even though I was set to emphasis on basic car care, nothing could take longer than 5 – 10 minutes per month to execute.

As per my disbelief, it was easy.

During the remainder of this informative article, I will help you through the simple automobile maintenance steps that I have taken. They are fantastic for busy moms (such as me), along with your vehicle or truck will likely soon probably be fresher and cleaner too!

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My car includes a detector which lets me understand when my tire pressure is low, therefore that I always guessed I did not need to inspect the tire pressure.

Seemingly, I was incorrect.

tire pressure

Tire pressure

I heard that a lot of car detectors do not alert you before tire pressure is dangerously low – such as so small that you may dismiss off a level in the right path to fill with the atmosphere. Additionally, I learned it is unbelievably simple to test yourself.

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By getting your tires inflated to the appropriate stage, you can get far much better gas mileage, so you are going to prevent irregular wear your tires, and you’re going to help avoid a flat tire.

Professionals will let you know how to check the tire pressure every time you fill your car with gas. That’s a ton for me to remember and feels extreme. I have planned to emphasis on doing it once-a-month during winter so that I can effortlessly add basic car care as a recapping 10-minute schedule on my calendar for the 1st of every month.

Just remove the cap from the valve stem in your tire and hold your tire pressure gauge evenly on the valve stem. (If you hear air hissing, that you don’t have a tight seal) The stem of your tire pressure gauge will pop-out to reveal to you the tire pressure.

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car battery

Car battery

If you find some indication your battery is weak, get it examined by a tech with a car parts store of an automobile mechanic. Most times that they assess them at no cost! Find car batteries lists & comparison charts here…

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car cover

Car cover

To ensure total cover for the car, use car covers intended for the winter season. The car cover will be able to assist you to save out from this bother of snow away from the auto’s windshield daily all through winters and on occasion even yet in the event you have any extra financing; you may put in decent excellent metal sheds near your residence to safeguard your vehicle from the weather.

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oil change

Oil change

Find Cycle Oil for 2-Stroke Engines.

I usually take my car for oil changes, and so that I did not find the purpose of assessing petroleum.

My car’s suggested oil replacement is every 10,000 miles. And yet I feel like I’m in the car all time every day, my average is low because I’m penetrating within a close-fitting area nearby our resident and school. Which means I might only be replacing my oil every 9 – 12 months.

Plus, I do a whole good deal of stop and go driving highway driving, so which means I would be consuming more oil though my mileage is still low.

In theory, all you need is a paper towel or a rag. But To make my life as easy as possible, I used the following:

  • To keep my hands clean and avoid using water during winter to clean hands I used rubber gloves.
  • Step bench
  • Paper towel or cloth
  • Overall knowledge of your car’s engine and where the plunger is.


It ends up your vehicle or truck brings all the air from the surface into your car and heats it cools it (based upon your temperature atmosphere), before blowing it through the vents of your vehicle. It makes total sense, so I just had never really wondered how it works.

car air filter

Car air filter

The outside air that is filtered and circulated through your car is full of dirt and debris. When I pulled out our existing cabin air filter (that was only two years old), I was SHOCKED at how filthy and disgusting it was. There were even pine needles falling into the car when I pulled it out.

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