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How to Tell If You Need Pest Control Services

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Pest Control can be a major concern for both homeowners and business owners. Not only can pests be annoying and unhygienic, but some can be downright dangerous and put children or pets at serious risk.

But how can you tell if pests are around without necessarily seeing them?


Obvious Signs

Things like droppings or gnawed-up wooden decorations are usually a good indicator that they are still in your home. Small pieces of food scattered around the floor can also be a sign, as can bags of food being chewed open.

Basically, anything that is clearly the work of a small pest should be taken as a sign to call pest control. If you are lucky, you might even be able to identify the vague kind of animal you are dealing with based on their behavior.



Certain noises can clearly indicate that there is a pest around. Scratching in the walls is a very common example, which often happens if mice or rats are roaming around inside the walls and occasionally sneaking out of holes to grab food.

The more severe the scratching, the more of them there usually is, so a lot of scratching is usually grounds to call in some pest control experts. There is also a chance that the noises could be termite infestations, which are trying to eat their way through the wooden parts of the walls.


Pet Behaviour

Pets can sometimes notice pests that we normally would not. They might catch sight of something scurrying away beneath some furniture or smell a scent that we can’t pick up, and that is usually enough to get them all riled up.

Of course, there is also the added benefit of some animals actively hunting pests, like cats killing mice and rats. Even if they catch one, you will still want to call pest control since there could be countless others hiding in the walls or beneath the furniture.


Damaged Cables

A lot of pests like to chew through cables, which can mean that certain devices will simply stop working properly at seemingly random times. If you check the cables and find that they have been chewed up, then it is usually because something is still around to keep nibbling on them.

While it can be tempting to let pests zap themselves on cables, remember that electricity does not work that way in real life. They could permanently damage the cable or the devices that the cable is attached to, and they might simply wander away without getting shocked.


Bites and Rashes

Bites or inexplicable rashes are usually a sign of pests – the former more than the latter. If you keep waking up with new bites or form rashes in exposed areas for no particular reason, then there might be some little bugs wandering around your home. You should call a pest control company straight away.

Remember that these might not be enough evidence to be sure, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors where wild bugs could bite you. Do not call for something like full-scale termite inspections unless you are sure that there is a bug infestation there.