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Is It Worth Repairing An Air Conditioner?

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In every home during scorching days of summer, our best friend is the AC. To have a pleasant time in our homes, we need a good AC or to invest in fixing the one we have, especially if we live in Minneapolis, a part of Minnesota that has high temperatures during summer.

Due to their extensive use, ACs may often require repairs and, in certain scenarios, complete replacement. If you need an air conditioner repair in Minneapolis, it’s best to prepare for any result, as some AC repairs aren’t worth doing. In some instances, replacing your AC entirely might be the more affordable option in the long run. Here is what you should consider:


The Age of the Unit

Depending on the age of our AC, you can decide if it is worth replacing or not. Usually, the life span of a unit is around ten years, and if it breaks around that age, you should consider buying a new one. If the AC is approximately 5-7 years, it may still be cheaper and worth repairing if you can extend the life duration by a few more years.

You should also consider that older units will be more expensive to be fixed, and if you are to expand their lifespan accordingly, regular maintenance is needed. The technology used in newer models is different, and you may not find the fitting spare parts on the market.


The Overall Repair Cost

An air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery, and its components have different price ranges. The price of a new unit can be between $2.500 and $7.000. Many components can break in an AC that might be very costly to repair. For example, replacing a faulty compressor would be around $2.000, which is not worth it. Another expensive part is the evaporator and the condenser, which are about $1.500 each.

If the AC breaks only one of the expensive components, it isn’t very old, and it is easy to find a replacement, you can hire a professional as it might be worth fixing it. Any other situation that will lead to more money spending makes the AC not worth fixing. A general rule of thumb is that if a repair is more than 50% more expensive than the price of a new AC isn’t won’t be worth it.

If we are tight on money, it is worth trying to repair the unit if we find second-hand parts. Usually, those parts are very cheap. However, you need to keep in mind that this is only a short-term solution. The repair with second-hand parts will not last long, and in the end, you will need to make a more expensive investment to benefit from your AC.


The Energy Usage

AC owners should take into consideration the usage of energy. Older units will consume more energy and are more harmful to the environment. When it comes to ACs, we should check the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Newer models have excellent efficiency, and instead of fixing an older unit, we will spend less money overall by buying a new one. Over time we can save money on the electric bill instead of paying a smaller amount on repairing the old AC.


The Freon Usage

Typical AC units manufactured before 2020 used freon as their primary coolant. Since 2020, freon is no longer available in the US, and it is recommended to replace the appliance. Freon is hard to find, and it is expensive to fix a unit that runs with this technology. If a unit with freon breaks, it will be costly and time-consuming to fix it. Also, even if we find recycled freon to use for our repair, it will not be guaranteed that the AC will last for long. The second need for repairments will be a financial blow which means that an old AC unit on freon should be replaced instead of repaired.


How Well Maintained the Appliance is

Depending on how often we did the checks on our AC unit, it may be worth repairing or not. Professionals do constant checkups, and they will make sure that the unit is working correctly and is ready for the hot season. Even if it breaks, a well-maintained unit will be cheaper to repair because some parts were carefully checked prior. A unit that wasn’t properly maintained will be more costly because the technicians will discover more and more issues. A problem never comes alone, and usually, when an AC breaks, it is not only one component at fault.


Awful Odors

When we notice awful odors, we should not panic. This does not necessarily mean that an expensive repair is on the way. This issue needs a fast fix because the smell will become worse. The good part is that usually, bad odors can be fixed without the need for an AC replacement. A thorough clean-up will help us eliminate all the bacteria, dust, and other elements that produce foul odors. Also, it is recommended to fix the issue instead of replacing the system because the process is not as expensive as other procedures.


How Noisy the System is

Sometimes weird noises such as bangs or whistles will come from your AC. These are indicators that something is wrong and may need to be fixed. Usually, noises come from the belts inside the machine, and in this situation, it is recommended to repair them with the help of a professional. Belts are cheap parts of the AC, and we do not need to replace the whole unit only due to loud noises. Noises can also be caused by loose screws, which require little time and effort to be fixed. However, in some instances, loud noises can indicate some severe internal damage to the unit. In this situation, it’s best to call in a technician and evaluate the damage.


Efficiency After Repairs

A critical factor when deciding if it is worth repairing the AC unit is efficiency. Many units come with original parts, and if they break, it will be hard to find again original spare parts. Thus, we are buying copies that will impact the appliance’s efficiency. If the parts are not expensive, it is worth repairing the AC. If they are costly and we also lose efficiency, we can easily replace the whole unit to be more cost-efficient.