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How To Tell If Your House Is Suitable For Solar Panels?

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roof solar panels

roof solar panels

Is Your House Suitable for Solar Panels?

Solar panels are perfect for Australia's sun-kissed lands. They can generate a massive amount of renewable electricity even on cloudy days. But it's worth discussing whether your house or roof is compatible with solar panels.

Since this can be a hefty investment, you should have this discussion with a qualified contractor to see if solar panels can generate enough electricity to power the house.

In any case, use the following tips to figure out if your home is suited to solar panels.

Which Type of Roof Do You Have?

Do you know what type of roof you currently have? The best roofing materials for solar panels are asphalt shingle, composite, seam metal, and concrete tiles. You can easily install solar panels on roofs made of composite metal, but you'll need an expert contractor for proper installation.

The roofing material will also dictate the mounting hardware for the solar panels. For best results, choose hardware that complements your roof's architectural design and is visually stunning to look at.

The roof needs to be structurally sound before installing over 300 kg of solar panels on it - the last thing anyone needs is the roof collapsing on occupants! Professional contractors often use structural engineers to run calculations on whether the roof can support the colossal weight of the solar panels.

Note: Solar panels may not be the best choice for your house if it's shaded from the sun. This may be the case with houses that are surrounded by larger buildings in close vicinity or if you live in an apartment unit.


What if the Roof isn't Ideal for Solar Panels?

Even if your roof is not ideal for solar panels, you may still be able to benefit from solar power. Other areas on your property, such as a shed or garage, could use solar panels. Or you may have space for a ground-mounted solar power system. This is a good option if your house is incompatible with rooftop solar panels.

In any case, make sure you buy high-quality solar generators. You can learn more about them at SimpleSolarLiving


Find Out How Much Sun Your House Gets

Lots of things could block the sunlight from reaching your roof; examples include nearby trees and other buildings.

It is advisable to set up an appointment with an expert for solar consultation. This person will visit your house to inspect various factors such as tree shading and roof angle to see if the solar panels will get enough light from the sun to meet your energy needs.

As a general rule, your roof should receive full sunlight between 8 AM to 2 PM - throughout the year. The more sunlight your roof gets, the more solar power it will generate. It is recommended to get at least five hours of full sunlight for the best results.

Pro tip: We recommend using integrated micro-inverter technology. This will ensure that if one panel isn't producing power due to lack of sunlight, the neighbouring panels will not be affected and will still generate power for your appliances.


Study the Local Climate

Solar panels will generate power through thick and thin - as long as they receive sunlight, that is. This applies to rainy, snowy, and dry areas - the only caveat is the constant need for sunlight. You can use tools to check your local climate for compatibility with solar power.

More importantly, use highly efficient solar panels that can use both direct and indirect sunlight to generate power.

The solar panels should be durable enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including hail.


Will You Get Tax Credits?

Depending on where you live, you may also get solar tax credits for installing solar power. This will make solar panels a worthy investment that will pay for themselves and save you money in the long run. To learn about other incentives for solar panels, talk to your local government agencies.


What is Your Energy Bill?

Are your energy bills high? Do you expect the solar panel to save you money spent on energy bills in the long run? In most places, electricity can be inexpensive, so solar panels' cost savings may not be worth it. However, if the monthly electricity bill is an expense that you dread, then going solar may be worth your while.

Going solar makes sense for homes that are generating an energy bill of at least $200. Why? The reason is because solar panels replace utility energy with solar energy and save money in the process. The best part is that many solar power contractors offer loan options to make the investment accessible for all.

Now is a good time as any to join the energy revolution and make a positive contribution to the environment by switching to solar panel - and you get to save money while you're saving the planet!







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