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How To Use Screw Extractor Set | 5 Enlightening Step By Step Guides For All

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Tips & Tricks On How To Use Screw Extractor Set | DIY

How To Use Screw Extractor Set

How To Use Screw Extractor

A screw extractor set refers to a set of tools that are utilized to eradicate broken or unmovable screws. The screws within the set are primarily segregated into two types: the first one is called an easy out and possesses a spiral flute structure, whereas the second type consists of a straight flute structure.

You should find a good quality screw extractor set which is built out of steel which is firm and solid yet breakable as well, you can find the best models on TheMostspruce website. The set in itself comprises of multiple screws, each of a different height and width as per the requirement of the user. These sets are highly functional and used by everyone from homeowners to professional workers and carpenters for a multitude of purposes.

Along with the screw extractor, other tools that have to be utilized are a wrench, particular oils and a punch (amongst others).

How To Use Screw Extractor Set

TackLife Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set


First step: 

Ensure that safety goggles are worn to avoid any eye injuries since using screw extractors often sends multiple shards flying.


Second step:

The part of the screw extractor known as the center punch has to be aligned to the middle section of the broken screw or the part that is stripped. The screw extractor should now be hammered a few times gently so that a minor indentation is made towards the center. This is done in order to ensure the drill is at an adequate position to be used.


Third step: 

A drill now needs to be chosen. The user is instructed to choose a drill that has a diameter that is lesser than the one of the screw. The drill should then be attached to the power drill. In case the screw is rusted, a tiny drop of penetrating oil can be utilized to ease its placing and the overall procedure of extraction. Furthermore, to allow the drilling to be done quicker and with added smoothness, a droplet of thread cutting oil can be dripped onto the head of the screw.


How To Use Screw Extractor Set

Magnetic holder of bit and self-tapping screw

Fourth step:

The drill should now be utilized to loosen the screw. It must be used with added caution and at a slow pace whilst ensuring the drill is constantly aligned with the screw. The deepness at which the screw is drilled is determined by the size of the extractor being used. It is recommended that one eighth or one-fourth of an inch should be drilled into the head of the screw.


Fifth step:

Lastly, the screw extractor must now be utilized. The hole created by using the drill is where the tip of the screw extractor must be placed. The tool must now be spun counterclockwise, and the extractor’s thread will draw the toll inwards until it has bitten into the hole created earlier.

The screw is removed by continually turning the screw extractor in a counterclockwise motion once the extractor can be felt taking hold of the stripped screw.

As explained above, the process of using a screw extractor isn’t necessarily complicated if the instructions provided are followed thoroughly and timely just like stand up screw gun is easy to use. The screw extractor set has thus proven quite handy to a lot of users.

How To Use Screw Extractor Set

Screwdriver Bit Sets

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