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How Unlevel Can An Intex Pool Be

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intex pool

You have gotten your Intex pool, and now you are wondering if the pool base is leveled enough. So many thoughts are running through your mind considering the number of information online regarding the consequences of using a pool on the unleveled ground.

Quite a few pool owners are still confused about how unleveled an Intex pool can be or if it matters when it is an inch unleveled.

So, we have decided to put up this guide to get everyone started with anything basic regarding pool leveling. First, let's discuss if you can use your Intex pool on an uneven base and the side effects if you do.

Can Intex Pool Be Used on Unleveled Ground?

Intex pools, like every other brand, should always be used on a leveled ground. However, Intex and some other manufacturers will give you the freedom to use their above-ground pools on a sloppy base. But it shouldn't be more than 2 inches slope.

When it comes to setting up your above-ground pool, careful consideration should be taken because an inch higher than the recommended slope will cause your pool walls to fall off. Intex pool materials are designed in a way to support a slight slope on above-ground pools.

You can always fight to maintain 2 inches or less to be on the safer side. If you see the slope hitting 3 inches, take the pool down, level, and reinstall.

If you have to level, use sand to make a well solid base. Sometimes it could not be easy getting a leveled ground. So, in this case, contact a professional to get this done. It is better to get it right now than having to spend extra cost on a damaged pool.

Intex Above Ground Pool Leveling Problems

Here are some problems you will face when you have an unleveled Intex pool or any other above-ground pool.

Pool Walls Begin to Fall Off

If you have an unlevel Intex pool, you will notice the weight of the water balancing on one end. As the pressure of your Intex pool is leaning to one side, swimming becomes uncomfortable, and your pool walls begin to get damaged and eventually collapse. This damage sometimes incurs so much cost to repair or could cost you replacing the entire pool. Even inflatable pools also get damaged as a result of unbalanced bases.

Pool Liner Gets Damaged

A pool liner is another part of your pool that can get damaged if your pool is installed on uneven ground. As pools are placed on even surfaces, it folds the liner, making it difficult to vacuum. As you try to clean, your vacuum machine will squeeze up the folded part of the liner, thus tearing it up. Even though Intel liners are seen as the strongest, they can never escape a wrongly installed pool.

Pool Skimmer Could Stop Working

As the water settles more at one end over another, the skimmer would stop working. Remember that water is meant to cover half of the skimmer. So, if the skimmer falls on the level where the water level is too low, the skimmer won't get enough water and will stop working.

Hazardous to Kids

When you have your pool water settling more on one end of the pool, that part becomes deeper, making it unsuitable for kids. This is risky and something every pool owner should avoid. Remember that the steep water level can cause your pool walls to collapse. This and many other reasons are enough to keep your children away from a pool with an uneven base.

How to Fix Unlevel Above Ground Pool?

If you have installed your pool and later find it sloppy a little bit, you can still fix it without dismantling the entire pool. However, this method is tedious and requires two people to carry out the task. Therefore, we stress at getting your leveling perfect before installation.

Before we begin, remember the aim is to get the pool as balanced as possible. Because the pool is already filled with water, and it is almost impossible to get it leveled perfectly.

To start, you would need a hammer, shovel, water hose, filler, and protective gloves.

Reduce the Pool Water to Half

If your pool is small-sized and it's already filled with water, you can drain it to half to be able to lift it above the base before balancing. However, for the big-sized pools, it would be best if you empty the entire pool from water to avoid damage.

Remove all Leveling Blocks and Raise the Pool Walls

During the initial installation, a leveling block was placed beneath the slab. Hence, to rebalance the pool, you will have to remove those blocks. Once you are done with that, raise the pool walls by using your shovel to pry.

Replace the Blocks

While the slab is up, let the second person replace the blocks. It might not be easy replacing them; that is why you need a hammer to push them in. Make sure to add all the blocks on the lower side until it creates a balance.

Fill the Hole and Refill the Pool

There should be a hole from where you lift the slab. Fill it up with sand and water it to make sure it is compact. You will need to make sure it's compact, else it could sink over time, and you will have to repeat the same process. When you are done, fill the pool with water and enjoy.


When installing your pool for the first time, the vital thing to consider is how perfect you can get the base leveled. My advice to all pool owners is never to target hitting 2 inches slope; instead, they should target leveling the pool base to perfection. If you have this in mind, you would never find yourself having a base that's 3 or more inches slope.

We can never stress this enough. Intex pool not level is havoc to your pool materials and dangerous to people swimming. It's better to get it fixed now than later.







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