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How To Repair Your Hot Water Heater Leak In 4 Easy DIY Steps

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Water heater repair

Water heater repair

What am I supposed to do my water heater tank is leaking?

To whom should I call to fix the water heater leak problem?

Should I dial 911?

How can I check that my water heater is leaking from the bottom or top?

If you are suffering from all these problems, you will be surprised to know that you are not the only one who is troubled by water heater’s leaking.

But after reading this post, you might be able to stop the water heater from leaking.

Here we have discussed four easy DIY steps that can help you fix your water heater leak. we will try to answer the seven most common questions that people ask about water heaters.

So, let's get down to business!

Why Do Hot Water Heaters Leak?

We find water heaters tend to leak do to bad water quality, age or sometimes do to corrosion. Water heaters have glass lined tanks for the most part. If the water quality is bad that can break down the liner at a faster rate. Nothing is like the old days anymore and typically doesn’t last long past the ten year mark. We usually have the conversation with our customers in regards to whether or not they are more proactive or reactive.

If age is the issue, it's time to bid goodbye to the older one and welcome the new water heater. If not, before you call a plumber, try the following three steps to spot the water heater leakage location.


How to Spot Hot Water Heater Leak?

  1. Cut out the power supply.

Tap the On/Off switch to turn off your gas water heater. Usually, the On/Off switch is located near the gas line connects. And, if you are using an electric water heater, you have to turn off the "water heater breaker" from your home's service panel.

  1. Cut off the water pressure.

There are two plumbing pipes connected to both your gas and electric water heater. One pipe provides hot water, and the other is the cold water inlet. The cold water inlet supplies the cold water to the tank to be heated.

Check the cold water pipe carefully. You will find a valve. Use it to shut off the water supply into the heater tank.

  1. Search for the water heater leak.

Often water leaks start slow and drop by drop. That's why it's a little hard to find the exact leakage in a water heater. It can be from the top or bottom of the water heater, or the connected pipes are culprits.

You can try the "tissue wipe test." Take a tissue paper and run it around the following three possible locations:

  1. Pipes' fittings.
  2. The drain valve.
  3. Temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve.

Once you have located the leak, consider the following four DIY steps to fix the water heater leaking problem. Or you can consider Southfield Plumbing Services who are famous for their bathroom repairs in Southfield Michigan.


Fix Your Hot Water Heater Leak in 4 Easy DIY Steps

  1. Try to tighten pipe fittings.

In case water leaks from cold and hot water pipes, all you need is a wrench to tighten the loose pipe fittings. It's a piece of cake. If there are copper water pipes, you should call a plumber because copper fittings solder for seal.

  1. Try to adjust the water temperature.

The pressure of water in a water heater relies on the following two conditions:

  • Water temperature.
  • Cold water supply line pressure.

As the pressure inside the water heater crosses the safety level, a pop-off valve helps to let out the pressure. The pop-off valve is a safety mechanism to throw out the hot-burning water.

If the leakage is not from the valve or at the bottom of the pipe, water will be burning hot. The chances are that the temperature control dial is not configured well, shift it to "Medium" to decrease temperature and pressure to stop the water leakage.

  1. Check cold water supply pressure.

If the water isn't burning hot, test the cold water supply line pressure using a water meter; maybe it's too high. On the other hand, if the water pressure is near or above 80 PSI, it could lead to water outflow from the temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve. To better monitor and control water usage on your property, consider installing water submetering systems.

  1. Switch to the new drain valve.

When you found the leakage from the drain valve, without burning daylight, replace it. Some will call a plumber. In comparison, the post is dedicated to DIYers. So, let's manage the job.

Firstly, you have to drain water. With the help of a flathead screwdriver, try to open the valve. Wait a few minutes until the water drains.

Bring an adjustable wrench in use and twist the drain valve into the anti-clockwise direction. Next, visit any nearby hardware store, purchase the exact match, and fit the new one.

So, these are the four remedies that you can apply to fix your water heater leakage problem. Now, let's move a step ahead and try to answer the top 7 water heater problems.


7 Top Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Water Heater

  1. What is the lifespan of a water heater?

It depends. Usually, the tank water heaters' lifespan is about five to ten years, depending on water quality. It is less than a tank-less water heater. However, even the water heater manufacturers offer five years standard warranty’s.

  1. Why is the hot water color rusty?

Water heaters are constructed with multiple metal components. Over the years, they start rusting. In most cases, the anode rod rusts out, and it needs to be replaced to solve the rust problem. If the problem persists, the rust could be in your water heater or the connected pipes.

  1. There is a pop and crack sound coming from the water heater?

Don't ignore the sound! It indicates that the sediment layer has built up in your water heater. You need to call an expert to remove the sediment. Otherwise, it would end up with a leak in the tank.

  1. Why does the hot water heater always run out of hot water?

It is an indication that your home needs a larger water heater. As families grow, the usage of hot water is likely to be increased. In the morning, when all have to get ready for their respective work (school or office) in a one or two-hour time window, there may not be enough hot water or time in-between showers to be adequate for your home. You can also add a second water heater at your home if you don't want to install a larger one.

  1. Switch is ON, but there is no hot water. Why?

Start by checking the power supply. If you are using an electric water heater, the chances are that the circuit breaker has tripped. Once the power is restored, the water heater starts functioning normally. Please allow time for it to heat up again.

For a gas water heater, check the pilot light. If it's out, you have to relight it. if you can’t get it to light again then you might need to replace the thermocouple component on the water heater. We recommend a plumber for this.

  1. Why only lukewarm, not hot water?

No one wants to bathe in cool water. On the other hand, lukewarm water can be a serious problem, both in gas and electric water heaters. No electricity or failure of thermocouples could be one of the possible reasons. Usually the reason being has to do with age, breakdown or sometime the water heater thermostats are not measuring the right temperature. We recommend calling a plumber if this happens to you.

  1. Why does my hot water stink?

An anode rod is not only responsible for rust but also causes smelly hot water. It is used to attract corrosive chemicals. Therefore, it is common practice to replace the anode rod after two years. The other possible reason for smelly hot water is bacteria that produce sulfur odor. Usually we find this to be an issue if your water supply comes from a well.







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