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Top Home Remodeling Trends Of 2021 

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home remodeling kitchen

home remodeling kitchen

If there was ever a time to make the home more inviting, it is now. 2020 came with the Corona pandemic. Stay-at-home orders made you spend more time within the enclosures of your residence. And, the sad reality is that the trend may very well continue for some time. 

A pleasant and attractive living environment can make the situation less stressful. It could explain why there has been a boom in home remodeling. A CNBC report shows a 58% increase in jobs for home renovation professionals.  

Those working in outdoor spaces were the biggest beneficiaries of the business. There was a surge in demand for outdoor living products and swimming pool parts and supplies. Aside from that, people also started searching more about beautiful home decor ideas of 2021. All in all, people just wanted a better home to stay in since they spend most of their days inside now.

If you have been thinking about making aesthetic changes to your home, please read on. We will share some top home remodeling trends of 2021.  

But, before taking on any of the renovations, please seek the services of the best remodeling contractors. They have the expertise to advise on what you can do, cost-effectively.  

Work with reputable companies that have licenses and certifications. Also, check that they have insurance. It gives you protection in case any of the renovations go wrong.  

Let’s see what 2021 has in terms of remodeling ideas.  

1. Multi-Functional and Multi-Zone Kitchens 

For many people, the kitchen has evolved beyond a functional place to cook and wash dishes. Now it is the congregation point for the whole family. There is something warm and welcoming about the space. Add family and friends to it, and it embodies everything a home is supposed to be. 

Many interior renovators echo the sentiments. According to them, many families ask for kitchens that are spacious and multifunctional. People should be able to move from one point to another without bumping into each other, or anything. 

Large kitchen islands that include storage and sitting space have become popular. The parents could be cooking while helping the kids with homework. After meals, family and friends can sit around and catch up on each other's lives.  


2. Greater Appreciation for Bathrooms

Another part of the home that is evolving in functionality is the bathroom. We can all appreciate the role it plays in basic hygiene; both internal and external.

But now, more than ever, it is providing a sanctuary and R&R space. That is why people are showing greater appreciation for bathrooms with some interesting remodeling trends.  

Going to the spa is no longer an attractive option for many people. But, that does not mean you give up on pampering yourself when you feel like it.  

So, how about your own private spa, right in your bathroom. Do you want a place to relax after a long day at work? Well, soak away the day's stress in your bathtub.  

And yes, homeowners want to inject their style into the bathroom space. Forget about inset bathtubs, the trend is now on freestanding tubs.  

Other trends are big rain showers, steam rooms, and heated floors. You get the spa feeling without leaving your house. 


 3. Recreational and Workrooms

 Many homeowners want a space where they can relax with the family. Recreation and entertainment are taking center stage in many home remodeling projects.

Those lucky enough to have a basement are increasing fun elements within the spaces. There is greater investment in home theaters, climbing walls, and indoor bowling lanes.  

And let's not forget about gym enthusiasts. The garage is now finding new use as a personal workout area.  

Another effect of the pandemic was that more people began to work and learn from home. That means there is a need for the right environment to achieve maximum productivity. 

Interior renovations have to create the perfect work/life balance. That means free bedrooms, attic or even basements are now home offices. But, it doesn't mean that without such, you cannot have a workspace. Transforming a small room into a work/living space is possible.

Multifunctional and inbuilt furniture that you can hide away when not in use is an idea. Bright lighting is also critical for creating the perfect work environment.  


4. Amazing Outdoor Spaces

You are already spending enough time indoors. Other than fantastic home decor, it also helps to have an amazing outdoor space you can escape to.

Homeowners are spending time and money to ensure that is the case. Pools, pergolas, water features, and outdoor bars are in. 

An outdoor deck with the right furniture is stylish and comfortable. Family and friends can spend many wonderful hours together without feeling cooped up indoors.  

Even those living in apartments can make their balconies more attractive and comfortable. Wooden screens provide privacy from prying eyes. 

Plants and water features provide ambiance and an outdoor feeling that may be lacking for those in high-rise apartments. It also provides a Zen feeling that is great for meditation or yoga.  


5. Closed Concept Making a Comeback

The open plan concept is quite popular because it breaks down barriers that walls create. And, the spacious feel makes the room more attractive. But, when everyone is home, all the time, it may not quite work.  

The kids will need a quiet place to do homework. You may also need a little time away from everyone, which a closed-door can provide. You don't want to be on a Zoom call and the kids are running in the background. 

For this particular period, we can expect to see the closed concept coming back, at least in some way. This is especially true for those who are living in smaller houses. 

If you do not have extra room for an office, enclosing a part of the sitting room may be the only option. Partitions and sliding doors will provide that little privacy when you need it.  


Final Thoughts

Transform your indoor and outdoor space with the trends we have shared above. Work with professional contractors for the best advice on how to go about it. You want to avoid overspending or costly DIY mistakes.  

Experts will also save you from dealing with shoddy work. You do not want to regret taking on the renovations in the first place.