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How You Can Fix Common Snow Blower Problems

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In a perfect world, our snow blowers would never break down and we could focus our time and energy on getting the job done instead of figuring out what’s gone wrong with our trusty machines.

The reality is even the most well-looked-after snow blowers are going to require some maintenance occasionally, and as an owner you should be able to troubleshoot when issues arise.

To help with that, we’ve answered four questions about common problems that snow blower owners run into with their machines. For more helpful service tips, check out the Cub Cadet snow blower maintenance guide.

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Why won’t my snow blower start?

One of the most common reasons snow blower owners have trouble getting their machine started is due to old fuel, which can become stale if it sits for too long in an unused machine. It’s recommended that the snow blower’s fuel tank is emptied every year before it’s stored for the off-season to avoid this problem.

Here are three steps we recommend for troubleshooting the issue:

  1. Empty the fuel tank and add new fuel.
  2. Check the dipstick and change the snow blower’s oil if needed.
  3. See if the spark plug is unplugged or has developed corrosion of buildup. Replace if necessary


Why won’t the auger turn on my snow blower?

The best place to start when investigating why a snow blower’s auger has stopped turning is to inspect the auger cable, the auger belt and the shear pins for potential damage. The auger cable and belt are essential to driving the auger system, while the shear pins are designed to break, preventing damage to the auger blades when snow or ice is caught in the auger housing.

Depending on the model of snow blower, the auger cable may only need to be tightened. However, if any of these parts are broken, they’ll need to be replaced in order for the auger system to start working again. For instructions on where to find these parts, how to inspect them and important safety practices to follow, refer to the snow blower owner’s manual.


Why won’t the wheels turn on my snow blower?

Like the auger, common causes for snow blower wheels to stop engaging are because of damage to the drive system’s cable or belt, so start by inspecting both of those parts to see if they have become loosened or need to be replaced. The drive cable and belt are responsible for engaging the snow blower’s wheels.

You should also inspect the snow blower’s rubber friction disc and replace it as needed. As the name suggests, the rubber friction disc uses rubber and friction to turn the snow blower’s wheels. When the rubber on the friction disc becomes worn out, the wheels will no longer turn. As always, consult the owner’s manual before inspecting or replacing any part of the snow blower’s drive system.


How do I unclog my snow blower chute?

If you use a snow blower over any extended period of time, the chute is likely to become clogged at some point. Thankfully, unclogging a snow blower chute is a simple fix if the instructions are followed properly. It’s imperative that you don’t use your hands to clear out the chute and that you make sure to always use extreme caution to avoid major injury.

  1. Disengage the auger and drive levers, turn the snow blower off and take out its ignition key.
  2. Stay behind the snow blower and wait until the machine has come to a complete stop.
  3. With the snow blower’s clean-out tool, dislodge the snow and ice that has clogged the cute.
  4. Restart the snow blower once safely back in the operator’s position.
  5. Engage the auger lever in order to blow any remaining snow from the chute.







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