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I have been associated with my company for more than 7 years now. It has been an amazing journey and I have made a lot of friends. Recently, a few of our senior and junior sales representatives including me had to visit Indore for a client meeting. The company where we had to visit operated under our company’s wing. Basically, our organization was its parent company.

I had two of my senior colleagues based in Indore who had taught me so much about sales especially when I joined this enterprise way back in 2015. So, I thought I would give them a small surprise. After all, we will be meeting after so long and they deserved a little surprise for being such amazing and helpful folks.

I started searching for gifting ideas on the internet. I had made up my mind that as we were meeting after a long time, I would be giving them something memorable. I just wanted to make them feel a little special. I started searching on google and came across this interesting website wherein I saved a lot of money. I have been using ICICI bank’s card for quite some time now and have accumulated payback points over these years.

GyFTR’s Payback website lets a user use payback points and take Gift Vouchers or gift them to their friends. The Gift Vouchers are delivered instantly and you save a lot of money because of the offers

I gifted a Puma & Decathlon Gift Voucher to Suresh. As far as I know him, he has been very much into sports and fitness activities so I thought a pair of sports shoes and other sports accessories would suit him best. Keeping this in mind, I purchased 5000 Rs Voucher for both Puma & Decathlon brands.

And as for Vijay, I knew he loved to read and write, so I gifted a William Penn and Amazon brand Gift Voucher to him. They really liked this little surprise. After the client meeting, our entire sales team went for dinner together as we had to leave for Delhi the next day.

Now, I have been regularly buying Gift Vouchers from Payback’s Voucher World since it’s a great website from where you can buy Gift Vouchers of almost 200+ brands like Myntra, Bata, Ola, Swiggy etc across multiple categories at great discounts. If you love shopping then I would suggest that you should definitely check this website out.







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