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How You Can Improve The Lighting In Your Kitchen

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home design kitchen

home design kitchen

Just like your body requires a healthy balanced breakfast, your kitchen requires the right balance of lighting to get you on the right route to accomplishing your daily duties with maximum satisfaction.

The proper lighting of your kitchen makes working in the kitchen easier and comfortable. In this article, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of how you can improve the lighting in your kitchen using the best lighting manufacturer products.

Why should my kitchen be lit?

Your kitchen needs an improved lighting because of the following reasons:

  • Proper kitchen lighting transforms the atmosphere of your kitchen. It makes you and your family comfortable and relaxed in the kitchen.
  • It improves visibility in different areas. You would not have to grope before locating items placed in strategic places in your kitchen.
  • Proper lighting gives your kitchen the chic look it deserves. You get the perfect look with our lighting manufacturer
  • It accounts for safe preparation of food and proper cleaning of dirty utensils and surfaces.
  • It is an important element for a superb kitchen design.


Types of lightning your kitchen should have

Every good kitchen lighting design must have three layers of lighting. Your kitchen should feature lighting fixtures that fall in the following categories:


  1. Ambient lighting: this is a soft overhead light that illuminates the floor and walls so you can easily enter, leave, and walk in the kitchen.
  2. Task lighting: this is a brighter light that illuminates countertops, sinks, and other work areas for increased accuracy during food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.
  3. Accent lighting: this falls in-between ambient and task lighting in brightness. It highlights architectural features or decor in the kitchen like a coffered ceiling.
  4. Decorative lighting: this type of lighting is often referred to as architectural jewelry. It adds gleam to space.


Tips to Improving your Kitchen Lighting

  1. Do not light the entire room with one ceiling-mounted fixture. This leads to what we call a "glare bomb," which visually overwhelms everything in the kitchen. That is there will be too much light in some areas while there will be shadows everywhere else.
  2. Plan to have a layered look: a single light source can't provide all the necessary light for a kitchen. A well-lit kitchen layers and uses four different types of light. Good kitchen lighting should include the following: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.
  3. Make sure the lights are dim: as in any other room in the house, the ability to adjust light levels is important. When cooking or cleaning, bright light makes the job easier. For lingering over a meal and conversing, dimmed lights create an awesome atmosphere.
  4. You can choose to hire a lightning designer: if possible, include a lighting designer in your remodeling team.  A lighting designer will study the kitchen's layout, as well as other components of the design, such as ceiling height, natural light, and surface finishes. This will help to determine the amount of light needed in the space and the placement of light.
  5. It is of utmost importance to use the best products from a lightning manufacturer . With us, you get quality products you can use to achieve a classy and unique kitchen lighting. We can help you create magic in your kitchen.