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Increase Testosterone & Very Low Self Esteem? Body Fat Facts

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Worried About Body Fat, Low Testosterone & Low Self esteem 

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Body fat:

Body fat is the essential component of the body and essential fat is important for the reproductive functions and for maintaining life. Body fat helps in keeping your organs protected by acting as a physical cushion against trauma and keeps your body warm. It helps in the absorption of nutrients and produces important hormones too. The amount of essential body fat differs between men and women ranging from 2-5% in men and 10-13% in women. The healthy amount of body fat in men of 20-40 years of age typically ranges from 8-19% and in women of the same age ranges from 21-33%. Women have a higher amount of body fat than men because of differences in physiology such as hormones, breasts, and sexual organs. Besides, women need more fat for ovulation. Body fat is an important measure of health, having a normal amount of body fat is very important for the normal functioning of the body as if it exceeds the normal range then it can cause serious diseases like high blood pressure, type-II diabetes, obesity-related diseases and heart problems that occur because of the formation of plaque on the walls of arteries.

Body fat, how to calculate?

Measurement of body fat is important for the determination of fitness and to keep yourself away from serious diseases. Body fat, how to calculate it? There are many ways to measure body fat. Your bodyweight alone does not determine your body fat percentage, if you have normal body weight you can have more or less than the normal ranges of body fat.

Let's have a look at how you can measure your body fat.

Skinfold calipers

Skinfold calipers

Skinfold calipers:

Subcutaneous fat of the body can be measured by calipers. It is one of the easiest ways to measure body fat as calipers can be purchased easily and at a low cost. The accuracy of measurement is ±3%. Measurements are taken at 3 or 7 different sites of the body, most people use 3 site approach. In the case of women, the measurement is taken at triceps, thigh or areas above the hipbone and abdomen. In the case of men abdomen, chest and thigh are the 3 sites for measurement.

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By measuring the circumference of the body:

This is the simplest method to calculate body fat. In this method, a soft tape is used to measure the circumference of different parts of the body and then body fat is calculated by using values of circumference, height, and age. Click Below for more Information.

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For men the circumference of the neck and abdomen and for women, the circumference of the hip is included. While measurements make sure that the tape does not compress the skin and measure each area at the widest part.

  • Hydrodensitometry:

calculate body fat

calculate body fat

This method is also known as underwater weighing or hydrostatic weighing. In this technique, the weight of the body is measured while being submerged underwater after exhaling as much air as you can and from the value of weight density is calculated which in turn is used to calculate body fat percentage. It is an accurate method to measure body weight but under certain conditions.

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Bod Pod or Air displacement plethysmography(ADP):

This method is similar to hydrostatic weighing but in this method, air is used instead of water to measure the density of the body. After wearing tight-fitting clothes you sit in an egg-shaped chamber (Bod Pod) for several minutes while the pressure of air changes within it. This is an accurate method for calculating body fat but is a little bit expensive and requires certain facilities. The error rate is 2 to 4 % of body fat.

  • BIA & BIS

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) uses devices to measure the conduction of electrical impulses through your body. The electrical current travel from one part of your body to another. The resistance in the flow of current is measured, more resistance indicate more possible body fat. The current passes more through muscles and water than fat. This method is accurate but can vary to fluid and food intake. Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) is similar to bioelectrical impedance analysis but BIS is more accurate and uses a higher number of electrical impulses with high and low frequencies.

  • MRI or CT Scan:

Magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography scan is most accurate to measure body fat but is not used commonly for this purpose.

  • DEXA Scan:

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) uses X-rays to measure body fat accurately within a few minutes but this method is mostly used in research settings. DEXA Scan is used for obese people or for those who have sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and strength) or those who have had bariatric surgery or undergoing HIV therapy.

Muscle growth and low testosterone:

how boost self esteem

how boost self esteem

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body. It is the male hormone and is responsible for the growth of muscles and maintain the physique of a man. Testosterone causes the production of neurotransmitters in the body that cause tissue growth and it also increases the level of growth hormone (GH). Thus more exercise leads to muscle growth. However, if the testosterone level is low then it will lead to muscle weakness and more fat production leading to obesity. Without testosterone, muscle is degraded and will turn into fat.

fat burners food

fat burners food

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Fats, especially in the abdominal part of the body, produce an enzyme called aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen and estrogen is responsible for the production of more fats. An increase in testosterone will reverse fat accumulation and increase lean body mass. Testosterone is the key hormone of males and separates men from women. In women, it is 1/10 of the amount in men. In men, it gives male characteristics such as aggressiveness, deep voice, sex drive, confidence, increased muscle mass and facial hair growth.

Loss of testosterone with aging causes sarcopenia (a condition of loss of skeletal muscle mass) and decreased performance and physical functioning, restoration of testosterone to youthful level is necessary for an increase in the synthesis of myofibrillar proteins, muscle strength, and total body cell mass.

Testosterone replacement therapy:

The testosterone level in the body declines with age naturally but there can be some other factors that can cause low testosterone levels such as hormonal imbalance, obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, liver and kidney disease, hypogonadism and certain infections. If you are having a body or facial hair loss, difficulty in concentration, depression, increased body fat, insomnia, weight gain, decreased muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, libido (low sex drive), irritability, loss of well-being, fatigue and poor energy level then you can be suffering from testosterone deficiency. Testosterone replacement therapy or androgen replacement therapy is a form of hormone therapy in which testosterone is replaced. There are many ways for supplementing this hormone. However, don't purchase testosterone without prescription as it can cause adverse reactions. Make sure that you are having low testosterone and the best way is the blood test. 

Transdermal patches:  

Androderm is a skin patch used once daily for supplementation of testosterone. It is applied to the skin of the upper part of the body. The hormone passes from dermal cells to the blood circulation.

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Oral patches:

Striant is a tablet that sticks to the upper gums just near the incisors. It continuously releases testosterone hormone into the blood circulation. It is used twice daily. Oral tablets are not used for low testosterone therapy because of adverse effects on the liver. The pharmaceutical dosage forms such as gels, patches, injectables, and implants are used that bypass the liver and enter directly into the blood circulation, thus avoid side effects.


 Testim and Androgel is a gel that contains testosterone and is applied to the skin for the treatment of low-T. Natesto is a gel that is applied to the inside of the nose. Androgel, axeron, and fortesta are available in pumps also. It is applied once daily.

Injections & implants:

Injections & implants

Injections & implants

Testosterone can be injected into the blood circulation directly and can be implanted in the soft tissues. Doctors implant testosterone pellets under the skin and these pellets provide continuous release of the hormone.

Natural ways of increasing testosterone level:

As there are many side effects of testosterone therapy like increased facial hair growth, enlargement of the breast, heart attack and stroke, infertility due to lower sperm count, shrinkage of testicles, acne and oily skin and increased risk of blood clots. It is necessary to ask a doctor if you need testosterone replacement therapy or not. Otherwise, there are many natural ways to restore this hormone.


increase testosterone

increase testosterone

Many natural herbal supplements increase testosterone level and in turn, help maintain body functions such as increase muscle growth, decrease body fat, improve erectile dysfunction, and increase libido. The herbs include Yohimbe, Malaysian ginseng, DHEA, puncturevine, ashwagandha, pine bark extract, saw palmetto, ginger, and arginine.

Ashwagandha and ginger are found to be more potent for the production of testosterone. Ashwagandha increases testosterone levels in infertile men by 17% and sperm count by 167%. It also decrease the cortisol level by 25% in healthy men.

Ginger extract increases testosterone by 17% and is found to be very beneficial in infertile men.

Vitamins and supplements:

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamin D, L arginine, zinc, Tribulus and Terrestris and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) are used to increase the level of testosterone. Vitamin D naturally boost your testosterone level. About half of the population of the US are suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D. Taking vitamin D supplements especially vitamin D3 and having sunbath boost your testosterone level. Studies have shown that taking 3000 IU of vitamin D3 boosts your testosterone hormone by around 25%.

Zinc and vitamin B increase sperm quality by 74%. Though all multivitamins and supplements increase testosterone level but zinc and vitamin D have shown to boost its production more.  


Garlic, tuna, egg yolk, and oyster are also used to increase testosterone levels in the body naturally. Restricting food for a longer period or overeating both are not good for your health. A balanced diet containing carb, proteins, and fats is necessary for better health and more production of testosterone. Your diet has much influence on hormone production. And eating enough proteins can aid in fat loss and results in more testosterone and muscle growth.

Reduce stress and cortisol level: 

Reduce stress

Reduce stress

Cortisol hormone work as an antagonistic manner to testosterone. If one raises the other one declines and vice versa. Cortisol decreases the production of testosterone hormone and having stress increases cortisol level. Try to limit more episodes of stress, exercise daily, laugh, take proper sleep and focus on a diet based on whole food. Increased stress will cause more appetite and overeating habits will lead to an increase in body fat and thus, in turn, decreased testosterone level and muscle growth.

Exercise and resistance training:

healthy life

healthy life

Regular exercise is very important for a healthy life and interestingly it increases the production of testosterone hormone. Exercise and resistance training like weight lifting increase your fitness and boost your testosterone hormone.

Research has proved that people who are obese and having higher body fat exercise is more beneficial than having a restricted diet. Weight lifting and aerobic exercise like jogging, swimming, etc decreases your body fat and thus increase testosterone and muscle growth.

All forms of exercise are effective in reducing fat but resistance training (weight lifting) and high-intensity interval training are most effective.

Taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate along with exercise have shown to further boost your testosterone level.

High quality and restful sleep: 

Get plenty of high quality and restful sleep as quality sleep is as much important as diet and exercise is. Research has shown that having 5 hours of night sleep causes a 15% reduction in testosterone level and with every additional hour of sleep 15% increase in testosterone production occurs.

Having 7 to 10 hours of peaceful sleep is better for your health and hormone production.

Avoid Estrogen-like compounds:

Estrogen-like chemicals like BPA, parabens and other chemicals found in some plastic have been shown to reduce testosterone levels.

Estrogen decreases the production of testosterone so avoid exposure to these compounds.

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Avoid alcohol and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

A healthy life is most important for a healthy life. Avoid taking alcohol and drugs. Laughter happiness and success increase testosterone hormone and regular exercise reduce your body fat and increase muscle growth.

Low Self-Esteem:

Low testosterone level symptoms like weight gain and decreased sex drive can erode man confidence and self-esteem. Weight gain or increased body fat cause a reduced level of testosterone and decreased muscle growth. Low-T causes depression, anxiety, loss of confidence, sap energy and spirit and cause libido. The normal level of hormone makes you feel less stressed and more confident.  

Low-T cause reduced muscle mass and strength and more body fat thus people with low-T complain that they cannot lift the weight. It causes reduced physical activity and depression. Lack of energy and spirit occur.

Self-esteem is low of a person who is obese or has more body fat and weight.it is important to boost self-esteem and this can be possible by reducing fat and increasing the production of testosterone.

Nothing to worry about. You can decrease your body fat by living a healthy lifestyle and can increase self-esteem.

Let's have a look at how to boost self-esteem by reducing body fat and boosting low-T.

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Fat burners:

There are many natural fat burners food that is used to burn body fat and reduce weight but fat burners alone cannot reduce your fat unless or until you take proper diet and do regular exercise. which fat burners are the best?

There are many fat burners currently being used like:

  • Green tea extract
  • Caffeine
  • Protein powder
  • Soluble fibers
  • Yohimbine
  • Fatty fish
  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) Oil
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Coconut oil
  • Whey protein
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Chili pepper
  • Oolong tea
  • Full-fat Greek yogurt
  • Olive oil
  • Forskolin
  • 5-HTP
  • L- tyrosine
  • L-theanine
  • Synephrine
  • L-carnitine
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and
  • Green coffee bean extract.

Have a look at one of the most beneficial fat burner with no side effects.

Fat burner green tea:

Fat burner green tea

Fat burner green tea

Green tea extract is found to reduce body fat by increasing metabolism and maximize the utilization of carbohydrates. Green tea contains the most effective component called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that decrease fat synthesis.

Green tea extract also contains anti-oxidants like catechins that increase the production of adrenaline and noradrenaline which in turn increase metabolism and cause movement of fat stores. Green tea burn fats of abdominal part of body and increase level of triglycerides.


There are other burners also as mentioned below


Caffeine is used before a workout and provides an energy boost of 16% for up to 2 hours to work out more. The more you work, the more you burn your body fat. As fuel. It decreases the metabolism of glucose and allows you to work out more and takes a long time for getting you tired. Caffeine boosts your metabolism of the body and increases caloric burn by 150 kcal per day. However, your body can become resistant to caffeine if you use it frequently so it is recommended to take a break every other week to get optimal results.

 Green tea and caffeine both burn fat by a process called thermogenesis in which your body burns calories to produce heat.

A combination of caffeine and green tea is found to be more effective as it burns fat 16% more than when used alone.

Protein powder:

It incredibly reduces body fat by increasing the metabolism of the body and curb your appetite. It decreases the level of ghrelin a hormone that causes appetite and increases the level of fullness hormones like CCK, GLP-1, and PYY.

Make sure that you are using protein supplements that are low in carbohydrate and other additives like soy, eggs, casein, whey, and hemp protein powder. Protein powders increase your protein intake and replace it with another caloric diet rather than using it as an additive. These increase muscle mass and decrease body fat thus help in the production of more testosterone and boost self-esteem.

There are other many commercial fat burning agents but they have some side effects. The fat burning supplements do not need approval by food and drug administration so it's the responsibility of the manufacturer to test it for the safety and effectiveness before launching into the market. Because many fat burning supplements are kicked out of the market due to their side effects like stroke, high blood pressure, seizures, and even death.

Fat burners alone cannot help you to lose fat. You need to have a proper diet and regular exercise. There are many fat burning exercises to reduce body fat and increase muscle strength.

Fat burning exercise:

fat burning

Athlete in the gym training with dumbbells

Choose your fat burning workouts wisely because you will have to do it regularly and you should know how to do it and learn to enjoy it. Use those fat burning workouts that involve exercising larger muscles for greater calorie burn like back, thighs, chest, and bottom. Best fat burning workouts are those that engage multiple large muscle groups.

Running on an empty stomach is best to burn out fat because your body will have to rely on fat stores for energy if you do not break the overnight fast. Exercise in the morning burn out 20% more fats. With time increase the intensity of exercise and keep moving to burn fat. Change your exercise from moderate to high-intensity workout and let your body recover because active recovery is necessary to get the most out of your workout. Weight lifting will increase the lean muscle mass of the body.

Typical fat burning exercise include:

Fat burning exercise

Fat burning exercise

1. Cycling  2. Jogging  3. Swimming  4. Uphill walking  5. Rowing  6. Running  6. Walking  7. Bicycling  8. Weight lifting    9. Goblet squat   10. Push-ups  11. Planks  Yoga

A healthy diet and moderate exercise are necessary for having a good body shape with muscle strength. It keeps your hormones (testosterone) in the normal range and boost your self-esteem and give you confidence. Click below...

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My name is Sidra and I am a registered pharmacist (RPh) based in Pakistan. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm. D) from Punjab University College of Pharmacy. I have a keen interest in medical issues and medicine. I am passionate to give awareness to people and motivate them to lead a healthy life.





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