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Increase The Value Of Your Property: Top Tips

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Best Ideas\Tips To Increase Value Of Your Property

Home Maintenance For Autumn

Home Maintenance For Autumn

If you are planning to sell your home, chances are you’ll want to get a good deal for it. Our homes can be very important to us and they can hold some great memories. These are just some of the reason why it’s important you increase the value of your property as much as you can. Before you consider making a purchase from a outdoor home improvements store such as you may want to think about working on your property’s interior first. Read on for more top tips:

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Make your Home Look Clean

A clean home is much more likely to sell than a dirty home, Property Hunters points out. As obvious as this is, there are some that don't practice it. Clean every single room in your home, start with the windows and clean each and every room. While the rooms do not need to be sparkling they should not look dirty. You may also want to tidy up a bit so each of the rooms looks lighter and brighter.


Paint Your Rooms

Many landlords tell their tenants that before they vacate the property they would like the walls to be painted Magnolia. This is because Magnolia is a nice gentle colour that looks clean and automatically brightens up a room. You will be surprised as to how different a fresh coat of paint can make a property look. You don’t have to paint the walls magnolia but a lighter colour is always better than a darker one. What’s more, is prospective buyers can usually tell when a wall has been recently painted.


De-Clutter your Rooms

De-clutter every single room, even if this means you have to hide things in your wardrobes or under your bed. A de-cluttered room looks bigger and much more inviting. Make sure that you move any furniture that is in the way, even just a little bit so that prospective buyers can walk around the room easily.


Change the Fixtures and Fittings

If your fixtures and fittings are looking a little old why not change them? it’s quite surprising how different a cabinet can look when it has new handles. Consider changing light switches, doorknobs and other fittings that need repairing or look old. You don’t have to spend a lot of money doing this, but it can make all the difference.


Tidy the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden you may want to think about tidying. People can be put off from buying a property if the garden is a mess. Mow the lawn and try to keep it short while your house is for sale. Trim any bushes and shrubs that are overgrown and pick up those piles of leaves that have accumulated in the corner. The tidier your garden looks the bigger it will look. Do a bit of weeding and brush the dirt off the pavement as this will make a difference too.


Upgrade your Garden

You may want to consider upgrading your garden a little. For example, you could put a bit of decking outside your back door. Add some potted plants to the decking or an outside chair or two. A bit of composite decking can help to add more value to your home. If you can, why not build enough decking so that a few people can sit around a table and enjoy themselves? This will appeal to most prospective buyers as it’s somewhat luxurious and is likely to be something they will want to do.

If you want to increase the value of your property you may need to make a few changes to your home. Make it look clean and paint your walls. De-clutter and change the fittings and fixtures. Tidy and even upgrade your garden so your property looks even better, and it’s likely that it will increase in value.



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