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Vital Tips While Installing A Gutter Guard

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Awesome Tips To Installing A Gutter Guard

Installing A Gutter Guard

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If you have Installing A Gutter Guard around your roof, at some time or the other, more so before and after the rainy season, you will be put to the task of cleaning and removing debris, dead leaves, twigs and dead creatures from your gutters. This involves bringing a ladder and putting yourself at risk of a fall. One way you can ensure that your gutters stay clean and you never have to put yourself in harm’s way is by installing a gutter guard.

Here are a few vital tips you should bear in mind when installing one for your home which we compiled with the help of Carefree Gutter Guard.

The snap-on is the easiest on Installing A Gutter Guard

One of the easiest gutter guards to install is the snap-on one. It comes with a one size fits all setup. Owing to the fact that it fits on any kind of gutter and is relatively easy on the budget, it is a very popular gutter guard. It proves to be the best for those attempting these installations with minimal time to spare. This is because they do not require the screwdriver or power drill to offer the best results.


It is essential to pick the right guards

There are many guards you can choose from. You can go in for brush filters that keep the debris out while allowing water in or even mesh or perforated units for those who do not want to spend too much, plastic units would be a great choice. However, a plastic unit does not hold up well. If you are looking for a better quality product, you should consider going in for a metal mesh system. It helps to filter out debris in a better way and it also stands the test of time. Surface tension guards are curved in shape and make sure the debris flows over the edge of the roof while allowing water to flow into the gutter.


Cleaning and repair prior to installation is a must

Before you put up gutter guards, you have to ensure your gutters are in good shape. Rinse the gutters with a garden hose and scoop out any dirt. Straighten out any serious bends and dents. This ensures the guards fit correctly. Following this, dry them out so any sealants or adhesive can bind appropriately. Be sure to check for any kind of rot or rust. If any replacements are needed, make sure they are conducted accordingly.


Fasten guards on a windy day

Gutters fall victim to the wind a great deal owing to the fact that they are installed high up as they are. If a potent storm hits, grill guards, screen guards and even micro mesh guards can fall prey and be blown right off your gutters. If you happen to live in a windy area, it is important that you install gutter guard fasteners in that area.


Measure the length of each gutter before purchasing

How much you need to buy depends on the length of your gutters. Gutter guards usually come in long rolls while a few others come pre-cut in three of four-foot lengths. While brush and foam guards ensure you do not have to worry about waste, when it comes to screen, micro-mesh or grill type guards, be sure to minimize the seams.

Above all, see that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can conduct the installation in a seamless manner. Also, make it a point to clean the gutters twice a year. Be sure to know that you are going in for the right gutter guards and get a professional to perform regular maintenance as and when required. That way you can rest assured that the gutter guard performs as it should.   







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