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3 Key Ways To Keep Your Commercial Awning In Top Shape

How To Keep Your Commercial Awning In Top Shape



A beautiful commercial awning is a practical way to increase foot traffic and market your business. It is an initial investment that pays for itself over time by keeping your outdoor space shaded and promoting brand recognition. After that initial investment, you’re going to want to protect your awning through proper care. This will ensure that your awning looks vibrant and fresh for years to come. While regular maintenance is key, there are few key ways that really boost your awnings life-span and keep it looking brand-new long after the initial installation. Read on for the three key ways you can keep your commercial awning in top shape.

Practice Seasonal Awning Care

As seasons change, so do the needs of awnings for commercial buildings. Practicing seasonal awning care is important in protecting your awning from the elements and drastic changes in temperature. Follow the golden rule of seasonal care: sweep, trim, and inspect.

  • Seasonally sweep all loose dirt off of the awning. Focus on both the top and the bottom. This prevents dirt from building up over time which keeps the fabric looking bright and fresh. Strive to use a broom with soft bristles. A stiff broom can wear the fabric faster.
  • In many areas, it is not unusual to have vines or trees that touch or rub the fabric on awnings for commercial buildings. Unfortunately, these plants can often contain acids that wear down fabric and cause discoloration. Each season, trim all branches and twigs that come in contact with your awning. This will prevent discoloration and keep any rogue branches from poking holes.
  • Take some time in every season to inspect the awning for holes or tears. Small tears are simple to repair. If you notice a small hole, get it fixed right away before it turns into something that will be more expensive to repair.


Have An Annual Care Routine

Each year, take some time to get nitty-gritty with your awning with a thorough wash and spray-down. Start by spraying your entire awning with cool water on both the top and underside. This will eliminate any built-on dirt that might not come off with an initial sweep. Strive to spray down your awning on a hot and sunny day, which will dry your awning evenly and quickly. If you have a retractable awning, do not retract it until it is completely dry or it could succumb to mold and mildew growth. After a good spray down, wash the awning with water and mild soap. A soft bristle brush or terry cloth can be worked into the fabric on the top on the bottom. Then give it some time to soak in, this will help to break down on any grime. Next, take a hose and rinse the awning completely. There should be no soap residue left on the awning. Soap residue can cause discoloration and may promote mildew growth.


Spot Clean Regularly

When it comes to awnings for commercial awnings, you’re going to want to spot clean as needed. If you notice an abundance of bird droppings, tree sap, or rust, you’re going to want to spot clean them quickly before they set in. You won’t need heavy-duty chemicals or special cleaners, typically a mix of mild dish-soap such as Dawn in the blue bottle and some warm water will do the trick.

Remember, to keep your retractable commercial awning or static commercial awning vibrant for years to come, maintain a clean routine!



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