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How To Achieve, Maintain Healthy Hair With 7 Easy-To-Follow Tips

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

girl hair

girl hair

They say a girl’s hair is her crowning glory. That’s why it’s important to take care of your locks so that they stay healthy and beautiful. Here are a few things to do in order to get a stunning head of hair.

1. Determine Your Hair Type

Before jumping into the shower for a nice shampoo session, first, determine what type of hair you have. At first glance, it’s easy to say if the hair is curly, wavy, or straight. It’s also essential to understand how thick or thin the hair is, as well as its level of moisture. Thin hair falls a little flat while thick hair has a bit more volume to it.

If the hair feels strong but is dry and rough, it’s categorized as coarse hair. Meanwhile, if it feels a little brittle, it’s categorized as dry hair. If it feels greasy at midday even after washing in the morning, it’s categorized as oily hair. All this information is vital in knowing the next few steps to take in caring for the hair.


2. Eat More Protein

A good diet can make anyone’s hair look fabulous. Since hair is made mostly of protein, make sure to get enough amount of it in your diet to keep the hair strong and smooth. Consider eating lean meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, and beans ever so often to make sure there’s enough protein in the body. Remember, a poor diet can lead to having weak, brittle hair. It can even affect its color or may result in hair loss. Yikes!


3. Moisturize with the Right Conditioner

girl curly hair

girl curly hair

Lock in moisture to the hair using conditioner. It’s a necessary step that should always be in everyone’s hair-care regimen. Conditioner softens and smooths the strands after cleansing by replenishing the moisture loss while shampooing the hair.

Deep conditioners are perfect for those who have dry, coarse hair. Cleansing conditioners simultaneously cleanse and condition the hair. For those who are often busy, leave-in conditioner is perfect as it does not require any rinsing. Dry conditioners can be spritzed on the hair to make it more shiny and smooth.

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4. Get a Haircut!

Contrary to popular belief, getting frequent trims does not make the hair grow faster. However, it brings a much more important benefit as it helps prevent breakage and reduce split ends. According to experts, it’s best to go to the salon for a regular snip, depending on the length of the hairstyle. This goes especially for girls who rock short bobs as it can keep the look more precise and polished. For those who love having long hair, better go to the salon for a trim every eight weeks to maintain the ends and keep the hair from breaking.


5. Take Vitamins

Part of getting proper nutrition is also taking vitamins. There are five important vitamins that promote healthy hair growth. Vitamin A prevents hair loss and helps in keeping the scalp moisturized. B vitamins, especially vitamin B7 (biotin), promote faster hair growth. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and can help protect the hair against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Vitamin D helps create follicles in the scalp, where the hair can grow. Lastly, vitamin E works best with vitamin D in combating hair loss.


6. Protect the Hair

Now that you’re sure the hair is healthy inside out, it’s time to give it a little protection. Invest in heat-protectant products and make sure to use them before heat styling. Use SPF on the hair to avoid letting harmful UV rays from frying your hair. If possible, avoid walking directly under the sun. Make sure to wear a hat or use an umbrella for protection against the sun.


7. Make Deep Cleaning Part of the Routine

Apart from loading up on proper nutrients, it’s also important to routinely clean your hair. Deep cleaning is about getting chemical buildup from hair products and the environment out of your hair to leave it soft and shiny.

If you have an upcoming hair-follicle test, you can use this shampoo formulated for this purpose. The goal is to rid your hair of harmful toxins and substances that can prejudice your results. However, this kind of shampoo has specific usage instructions, such as using it only on the day of the test.  

Overall-beautiful hair not only makes anyone look good but also makes them look healthy. Don’t ever think twice about investing in good hair care.



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