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Kitchen Makeover: 8 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Stunning

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in every home. From breakfast to supper and desserts, it is where you prepare the best meals for yourself and the family. Aside from cooking, it also serves various purposes. Sometimes, it is where the family gathers to chit chat, as each renders a helping hand in the cooking process.

Unless you prefer eating from outside, you should always be deliberate about how your kitchen looks. Giving your kitchen the best of looks and keeping it fresh shouldn’t be always expensive as thought. From basic cleaning to replacing outdated equipment, there are several ways to do that whether on a low or high budget. If you have enough to spend, you can follow some of the newest trends in kitchen designs and make a choice. Let’s look at eight ways you can give your kitchen a stunning look.

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Keep the kitchen clean

Cleaning the kitchen after every use is one of the basic rules for making it look good and welcoming. After cooking, wash your cooking utensils, dry them, and pack them in the right places. Don’t forget to clean the sink, wash your napkins, and keep the floor tidy. Your kitchen equipment must be properly arranged in the right places and not just left lying around.



There is no need to hold on to things you no more need. Clear your kitchen of all gadgets, cooking utensils, and items you don’t need anymore. Start by decluttering your kitchen cabinet by removing all utensils that are taking up space but are of no use. Now, turn to your gadgets and discard all spoiled equipment. Replicate this in all departments of the kitchen (cooking area to storage) to have free space for new things.


Take care of your floor

If you live in an old house, which hasn’t seen much renovations in a long while, you will need to look at your kitchen floor. If such expenses fit your budget, you may need to replace the tile or vinyl. You can also go for rubber flooring since it is much more resistant to stains. If none is within your budget, then manage the old flooring, but ensure frequent cleaning to keep it neat.


Paint the kitchen

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen walls is another way to make the space look new. Choose a color that brightens your space and also matches the color of your flooring, and cabinets. If you are sure of the color, you can do the painting yourself by ensuring the right mixing proportions.


Install wallpaper

If applying a new coat of paint isn’t an option, go for wallpapers. Wallpapers come in different patterns and can fit any space, provided you make the right choices. Adorn your kitchen with beautiful 3D wallpapers that coordinate the looks of your other installations.


Breathe new air into your kitchen cabinets

Believe it or not, the kitchen cabinet doesn’t only serve as a storage place but also adds to the aesthetic look of the kitchen. If it looks old and outdated, it will definitely affect your kitchen’s look. You have two options in updating your kitchen cabinet, you either replace or refurbish/ reface it. Refurbishing sounds more affordable, right? Getting a specialist and a fair price for this task can sometimes be very challenging.

However, if you live in or near San Diego County California you can easily have your kitchen cabinets refacing done professionally and at a fair price without any headache. Refacing your cabinets brighten and make your space look new. Another option is to paint it in your favorite color. This is less expensive and you can do it yourself.


You need a kitchen island

If you don’t have a kitchen island, it is time to get one to give your kitchen that modern look you so desire. Aside from creating beauty, it gives you extra counter and storage space for your equipment. A kitchen island also comes with stools, so you have extra seating. If you already have ones but looking old, maybe it’s time to change the countertop to give it a new look. You can consider ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminate it, or use stainless steel as the countertop depending on your budget and use.


Upgrade your lighting

Lights bring out the beauty in everything. After spending so much to makeover your kitchen, you need to change the old lighting system to smart lights. Smart lights not only give your kitchen a stylish look but also bring comfort. You can control it wherever you are or change the light intensity with an app on your smartphone.


Take home

You don’t always need to break the bank to modernize or give your kitchen a stunning look and make it conducive. Every little effort counts, you just need to be intentional with each act and have a clear plan and idea of how you want your kitchen to look.