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Know The Difference Between Steel French Doors Vs. Wood Or Fibreglass Doors

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Insulated Glass Door

Insulated Glass Door

Wooden doors are more prone to damage or discoloration than metal doors. These doors are vulnerable to rotting, mold, chipping, and other damages. While metal doors could also suffer from rusting and discoloration, they are more damage-resistant than wooden doors. Steel French doors can help your home achieve a classic, colonial look. 

An elegant French door projects minimalism and intricate craftsmanship. Fiberglass doors are also excellent options for anyone looking for a sustainable yet aesthetic solution. 

Durability and Maintenance

A steel French door offers more durability than wooden and fiberglass doors. However, even high-quality wood requires regular maintenance. Homeowners may choose to protect their wooden door with a coat or two of high-grade varnish. However, the front door faces prolonged exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. The varnish may start peeling off in a year, leaving the wooden surface exposed. Wood could also suffer damage from moisture during rainy or snowy weather. 

Steel doors don’t need constant maintenance, and you can easily clean the door with essential soap and water. High-grade steel door manufacturers typically use high-quality paint to add color and texture to the door. Steel is also resistant to most weather conditions. It is recommended you invest in high-quality rust-resistant steel doors to ensure the highest level of durability. Steel is also not easily breakable. 

If you plan to choose fiberglass doors for your front door, it’s critical to invest in high-quality, durable glass doors. In addition, it would be best to handle glass doors with care since they are easily vulnerable to scars, scratches, and even breakage.

However, premium quality glass doors made with treated fiberglass are collision and breakage resistant. As a result, you can easily clean and maintain fiberglass doors without professional help. You could also consider insulating the glass door to minimize damages.



Wooden doors are expensive. The price of the door is expected to be even higher if it comes with carvings or durability-enhancing features. Homeowners cannot compromise on safety and durability for lower prices. Hence, it’s essential to choose high-quality wood for the doors. 

Steel doors are cost-effective and come in different French styles and themes. Dark-themed steel French doors work great with exposed brick homes or apartments. However, several city-based apartments, cafes, and restaurants now opt for crafted steel fresh style doors. You can ask your door manufacturer to custom create your steel doors to suit the style and theme of your building. 

Fiberglass doors are not popular choices for front doors of homes. However, they are used extensively by businesses and commercial buildings. Fiberglass doors may be more cost-effective than wooden doors, but you may want to choose premium quality fiberglass doors for maximum safety.



It would be challenging to compare the door types in terms of aesthetics since this is a subjective factor. However, all three discussed door types could be crafted and installed in appealing and impressive ways.


Final Thought

Some well-defined benefits and cons come with all three door types. However, steel doors may be the best choice for durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. Ultimately, it would be best to focus on choosing a door that will fit your requirements regarding functionality, budget, and appeal.







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