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Humans may not share many common interests, but they stand united and full of hate when it comes to one thing: DOING LAUNDRY!

Laundry is, without a doubt, one of the most mundane and hated tasks – and for many good reasons. Impatient people despise waiting, and people who are easily distracted despise folding. And no one likes the part where you leave mountains of folded clothes in your lounge for five to seven business days before unwillingly carrying them to their respective corners.

While there is no way for us to come and do your laundry, we can make the process easier by giving away a few laundry secrets.

So whether you’re a laundry pro or someone who despises even going near the washing machine, the following tips will surely take the load off your shoulders and help you save a lot of time.


1. Sort in an unusual way, such as by soil level or details. 

There are no laundry cops who will tell you that you must sort your laundry by shades. Instead, try a new sorting method if it works better for your family. Large families, for example, may prefer to sort their laundry from person to person. Still, you can save energy and detergent by organizing by soil level—keeping dirty gym clothes isolated from once-worn shirts and maximizing each load.

Furthermore, if you cannot devote considerable time to doing laundry, try hiring a laundry service – as these can be found anywhere. For instance, if you live in New York City, you can google “ laundry service NYC” to look for laundry services nearby and hire a team of professionals to do your laundry for you.


2. Soak Your Gym Clothes in Vinegar 

If you have a particularly stinky load of gym clothes, soak them in a half-cup of white vinegar combined with cold water for at least an hour before washing. That will aid in the removal of toxic odors and the breakdown of sweat stains and accumulation. Also, do not dry them in the washing machine.


3. To wash, toss your detergent cap in with the laundry. 

You may have seen those smears and gooey spots that appear on the lid of your laundry detergent bottle. You don’t need to squander your time wiping them away. To clean them, toss the detergent lid into the washing machine with your garments (avoid delicates). Just make sure to take it out before it gets too hot in the dryer.


4. Remove Wrinkles with Ice. 

Keeping your clothes in the dryer results in wrinkles. So what do you do when the shirt you intended to wear today looks crumpled and you don’t have time to iron it? Remove all other clothing and place a bunch of ice cubes in the dryer with the wrinkled shirt. Tumble on high heat for at least 10 minutes. When the cycle is complete, remove the shirt and hang it up. With your hands, ease the collar, seams, and cuffs. You’ve just discovered your very own DIY steam dryer. The steam produced by melting ice relaxes the fibers and removes the wrinkles.


5. Hang your dirty clothes back up—but make a note of them. 

Rather than piling your still-sorta-neat, wear-again clothes on the room chair (where you can be sure they’ll be too crumpled to wear again), drape them back up. They’re clean enough to put back in the closet if they’re clean enough to wear again. Label already-worn clothes with a unique tag, so you know which ones to grab from the wardrobe on the next laundry day.


6. Use a Pool Noodle to Prevent Creasing While Drying 

Try this if you’ve ever draped your freshly laundered clothes over a drying rack only to have them come up with a big crease. First, you have to cut a pool noodle to the length and size of your drying rack’s rods, then snip along one side lengthwise to open it up to the center. Next, you can wrap the all-around noodle rod of your drying rack to avoid harsh lines on your clothes.


7. Make a Spot Treater at Home. 

You most likely have all the ingredients for this DIY spot treatment in your kitchen cupboards. First, combine white vinegar and baking soda in a bowl. You can spray this mixture onto the grease stains and let it sit for a while, then wash them all.


8. Prevent Your Socks from Disappearing Into The Abbys 

Using a mesh laundry bag to wash your socks will make your life much easier and keep them partnered. It is an excellent tip for baby socks and other small items. Load the bag, toss it in the washer, and then into the dryer – no more solitary socks.


9. Assign Specific Days for Specific Items 

When you’re doing multiple loads of laundry at once, it can take all weekend to finish. Rather than ruining your weekend, divide the task into weekly chunks. For example, set aside one day for washing sheets, another for light clothing, or if you have multiple children, do one kid’s laundry each day. You’ll be ready to unwind by Sunday.



You can revamp your laundry day and turn it into something less stressful and more fun with these tips. You will be able to get the work done efficiently and get clean and bright clothes.

So don’t let laundry become the dreaded chore that it once was. Here’s to finding your go-to laundry routine and taking back your weekends!







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