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LED Lights Installation 101: A Beginner’s Guide

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man posing in front of led lights

man posing in front of led lights

LED lights are cost-efficient and give the best illumination. Unlike other lighting sources, LED lights only consume a minimal amount of energy. Hence, making it the best choice for any industrial use.

If you are interested in LED lights, Metroled can help you with the installation process.

Let’s check on some of the basic steps on how to install LED lights.

What are LED lights?

LED lights are tiny light sources that emit visible light with only minimal energy. It’s originally used in digital devices as an indicator. However, people found out that it can be used as a source of visible light.

man posing infront of lights

Thus, using LED lights as a light source replaced other traditional means of lighting. Incandescent bulbs and CFLs are way behind LED lights. LED lights have a lot of benefits that make them the best choice for lighting.

For instance, LED lights produce more light than incandescent bulbs and CFLs. They only need little energy to produce strong illumination. LED lights don’t heat up or produce any hum. Hence, making it the best.


How to install LED lights?

It doesn’t take that much when it comes to installing LED lights. There are many types of LED lights. They come in different shapes like other traditional lighting sources. Therefore, installing a LED bulb is just the same as installing a traditional incandescent. Simply put it inside the socket, and you’re done.

club party lights

But when it comes to installing a LED strip, this comes with consideration. You need to learn basic knowledge about art, engineering, and electronics. But don’t worry, everything is just under the sun!


What you need

Power Source

You need a transformer that takes 120 volts from the outlet and converts it to 12 volts. This is enough to light up your LEDs.


This feature is needed to dim your LED lights using a smartphone or remote. If you only want a toggle switch, just choose an on and off feature.

Solderless wire clamps

This holds the wire in place. Choose something that has the same number of wires on your LED strip.

kid lights concert

5 wire ga low voltage cable

Select the one that fits with the configuration of your LED strip.

Aluminum channel

This gives a nice finish to exposed LED strips.

16ft 5050 RGBW LED strip light

The 5050 RGBW LED strip comes with different configurations. It’s waterproof and has an adhesive backing for easy installation.


Choose the right length

The first thing you need to do in installing your LED strip is to measure the length. Only cut the strip along the copper contacts to retain connection.


Use the solderless clamp to connect wires into the strip. Make sure to match the wire with its corresponding letter on the strip. Pinch the clamp until it snugly fits.

bird shaped light

Place the controller

A controller enables you to change the color of your LED strip. It also allows dimming or brightening your LEDs to enhance the ambiance. Strip the wires and attach them to the corresponding hub of the controller. Secure them in place after tightening all the screws.

Attach the lights

Take off the adhesive backing and place the lights wherever you want. Use an aluminum channel to have a nice finishing on any protruding strip.

Power up

Connect the 12-volt leads of your LED strip into a controller. Make sure to place the right poles. See to it that the positive and negative ends meet together with its corresponding receiver. If you’re using it in your home, use a transformer in the controller to convert the energy into 12 volts. 


Things to consider

Installing LED lights is easy. With the right tools and materials, you can place them wherever you want. Here are some of the things you need to consider when installing LED lights.



You need to have the perfect match for your LED strip and power source. Choose whether it’s 12V or 24V. Incompatibility results in accidents.


Waterproof Grading

It’s okay to use normal LED lights. However, if it has potential access to moisture, you need to get a waterproof one.

counter bar lights

Color Coding

  • RGB means your LED is capable of producing colored light.
  • RGBW means the LED light can produce both colored and white light.


Number of Wires

  • RGB needs four wires to light up.
  • RGBW needs five wires to power up.
  • RGB + CCT needs six wires to operate.


Controller option

Changing the colors or intensity of your LED lights needs a controller. Be sure to choose something that has the same number of wires as your LED lights.



It doesn’t take that much when installing LED lights. If you have the right materials, you can do it yourself. Using the basic DIY tips and tricks, you can make an arrangement of your LED lights.

Check online for LED light options. Once you’ve made up your mind, have them shipped using the best courier. Try Amazon’s FBABEE Freight Forwarder. They offer the best freight services for your products.

cafe lights

In addition, LED lights are nice to look at. They illuminate well and bring out the best colors for your lighting experience. The good thing about it is that LED lights don’t consume much energy. This will help you cut the cost of your electricity.

If you are into the retail business, it’s important to use proper lighting to display your products. For instance, if people are going to buy hand sanitizers in your store, good lighting is the best way to attract their attention.

Just bear in mind that you need to use the best materials when installing LED lights. Although you may see some expensive ones, it’s more about the quality and efficiency. But aside from that, LED lights are way better than incandescent bulbs and CFLs.







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