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Maintenance Tips To Take Care Of Your Car

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fixing car engine

fixing car engine

Your car needs as much care as possible. Luckily, this article will tell you how to take care of your car through regular maintenance. Following are some maintenance tips for you to better care for your car:

For the break-in period

In the beginning, certain precedents need to be set so that your car is off to a good start. Try to maintain a speed of 55 mph or below for the first 1,000 miles or so. Usually, manufacturers will recommend driving at a certain speed. Be sure to follow it.

It is also advisable to refrain from driving with a heavy load on the car during the break-in period. Towing trailers, roof racks, and filled trunks with heavy material are out of the question. Use medium or low acceleration and keep the engine RPMs at or below 3,000.

Refrain from idling the car. It does not matter if the car is new or old, idling can significantly reduce your car's life. The oil pressure generated during idling oftentimes does not send enough oil to all parts of the engine.


Keep Care in Mind

Even after the break-in period ends, do not stop being a caring owner. Follow the tips mentioned above as much as possible to prolong your car's life. Also, schedule regular maintenance appointments. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • During start-up, do not race the engine as it will cause significant wear and tear.
  • Acceleration should be low or medium at the beginning of the drive. High acceleration at the start of the drive causes the most wear in the engine.
  • Shift to neutral while stuck in traffic or at red lights. It will not strain the engine parts and the transmission.
  • Stop the practice of warming the engine by idling it before driving. This will cause innumerable issues that can cause damage to the engine. Some of these issues are soot deposits due to incomplete burning of fuel, cylinder wall deposits, and oil contamination.
  • Your tires will work well for long periods if you follow the speed limit. Have the air pressure and wheel alignment checked from time to time. Refrain from taking fast turns and avoid driving over uneven roads and potholes. If you feel like you are burning rubber, it might be time to change some of your driving techniques.
  • Do not drive at high speeds when the temperature is either extremely cold or extremely hot. You will have to keep contacting the service center for repairs.
  • Protect the power-steering pump by not holding it to extreme left and right for more than a few seconds at a time.
  • Try to make the most of your drive. Using your car to make short errands will cause the most damage to the engine. Try to combine the errands you need to run and take the path with the least traffic.


For When You Are Stuck

This will not be a regular occurrence but it is best to be prepared. The first instinct after getting stuck in snow or mud is to try as hard as you can to get out of it. Gentle rocking would be enough to get you out but if you see it isn't helping, stop trying. Excessive trying can cause damage to multiple car parts.

Spinning tires, going forward and back without much movement can cause heat damage. Your transmission, clutches, and differentials will all be affected by it. If you think that you have tried everything and it isn't making a difference, call a tow truck. As a backup option, carrying traction like gravel or sand can help the situation.


Filling Gas

gas petrol pump

gas petrol pump

There are certain things to take care of when you are filling gas. Ask about the gas filters and how regularly they are changed. If you get vague answers, time to find another gas-filling station. It is important to know the policy about gas filters because you do not want dirty gasoline to end up in your car tanker. Find a trustworthy station and stick to it.

Another point worth mentioning is whether or not you see a tanker near the gas filling station. A tanker meant to fill the underground tanks can stir up the underlying sediment which can then end up in your fuel tank. This sediment can cause clogging of your car's fuel filters. Fuel injectors and fuel filters would then need replacement more often.


Keep your Keychain Light

Everyone wants a keychain that looks good but this can cause problems in your ignition. While you may think keeping multiple keys in your car's keychain is a sure shot way to not lose it, it has other repercussions as well. A weighted keychain pressurizes the tumblers inside the ignition.

Keep your keychain light to keep ignition switch failure at bay. The lighter the keychain the longer the life of your ignition switch. In case the ignition switch sticks at the time of starting the car, it might be time for its replacement. To prevent ignition switch failure, replace the ignition switch when you feel the key is getting stuck.


Preserving Your Car During a Long Storage Period

If your car is going to be standing still for long durations, you will have to store it properly. Proper storage will prevent damage when you come back to your car. Consider the following tips before storing your car for longer periods of time:

  • Fill the gas tank to prevent condensation. Before storing, drive the car around so that the fuel is distributed to all parts.
  • Wash and wax before storing.
  • Consider buying a vapor barrier to be placed on your garage floor.
  • Put the car on jack stands. This will keep the weight off the tires and wheels.
  • The tailpipe should be plugged in to prevent moist air from entering through the opening.
  • Remove the battery after disconnecting to prevent draining. If not, drain the battery regularly and recharge it yourself.
  • Use cold weather battery for long life batteries.


The Takeaway

While a new car will decidely need less attention and will work smoothly, a second hand or older car needs to be maintained for smooth functioning. During maintenance, you will also come across replacement parts so consider Sunway car bumper wholesale. Choose only the best for your car.







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