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6 Simple Fixes To Make Your Junk Car Look Better

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If you have a junk car at home and don’t want to buy a new one, there are ways to make your current one look good. With some simple renovations and cleaning, you can have a better-looking car.

6 Simple Fixes to Make Your Junk Car Look Better

The fixes we provide are simple and won’t require a lot of money. You can even do it at home with some reading and following manuals. It doesn’t cost much and your car will look better.


Clean the Exterior

The exterior is the part of the car where people will get to look at the most. Hence, it’s important that the exterior is well-maintained. Clean the exterior of your car by washing it yourself or through a car wash.

If there’s rust in your car’s exterior you could try and remove it with a wire wheel or other rust-removing tools. We recommend having your car washed every two weeks to maintain its cleanliness.

You may also want to use a toilet brush to clean your car’s wheels if you put it through a car wash. Car washes often don’t properly clean the wheels of a car.


Clean the Interior

The insides of our car can get messy, especially if we rarely clean it. Make it a habit to clean out the car’s inside after every use.

If you’re too busy, do it once every week. You don’t want the trash or dirt to stick too long inside your car and make a smell.

Have a mini trash can inside your car to keep your trash. It will be easier for you to dispose of the trash instead of reaching into the deep corners of your interior to clean up.


Regular Maintenance

What’s the use of making your car look good if it doesn’t run or runs like an old junk car? You need to have your car on regular maintenance if you want to keep it in good running condition.

Around 72% of car owners perform maintenance on their own. It helps you to get to know more about your car so you know when something is wrong. 

You can do your car repairs at home using a workshop manual to guide you. Learn car repairs yourself to save you from unnecessary maintenance fees.


Replace the Old Floor Mats

Junk cars usually have old and used floor mats. They can grow molds and bacteria that can smell inside your car. Hence, you should replace them with easy-to-clean floor mats.

You can clean the floor mats every time you take the car to the car wash or when you clean it. This will prevent from mold growing and your car floor will look clean.


Replace Old Seat Covers

Seat covers can look old and dirty once enough time has passed. Replace them with new ones to make you are interior look good as new. It will also make you feel more comfortable since old seat covers can become itchy.


Check for Dents and Scratches

There are plenty of ways to go about repairing dents in your car at home. You can read from a manual and do it yourself.

People mostly use the suction method before. It involves a suction cup placed on the dent and the suction force pulls the dent and it returns back to its original state.

This method lets you avoid expensive trips to a car repair shop where they charge a lot just for a small dent in the car.



These are just some simple ways you can make your car look better. If you do them regularly and consistently, your car won’t ever look like junk again. If you really want to make your car look brand new, you will have to spend a lot more.