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9 Tips For Rug Cleaning The Right Way!

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vaccuum cleaner

vaccuum cleaner

Carpeted flooring, as well as rugs, are very popular and common in commercial spaces. Offices specifically will have carpeted flooring as they have many aesthetic and functional properties that make them advantageous. Carpets and rugs add textural variance to space and are available in many different colours and patterns. Another aspect of carpets and rugs is that they are extremely acoustically advantageous. 

This feature is very important in an office setting since these kinds of spaces call for a level of quietness that the office workers require to concentrate on their work. Carpeted flooring and rugs mute sounds of footsteps, things falling, movement of furniture and can even absorb speech and outdoor noises. The final aspect of carpets and rugs is that they add a level of safety to the office, where they can break the impact of things falling and prevent unforeseen injuries. 

The main issue that carpets and rugs pose is that they tend to be an attractor of dirt, dust, liquids and other types of grime. Especially since they are a fibrous material, they have a larger tendency of absorbing and retaining a lot of these unwanted substances. This causes a huge issue when it comes to the actual maintenance of these carpets. If carpets and rugs are left unattended and unclean for a long time, they can cause permanent stains and marks which would require replacement. Hence, rug cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning, is a great way to avoid situations like these, and keep the rug looking as good as new at all times! 

What Are Some Ways of Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning?

There are different ways in which rug cleaning can be done, and this species depends on the material and type. While some carpets are fixed to the floors, others are just laid on top of it. The ones that are fixed to the floor are of course slightly harder to clean but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Separate or unattached carpets and rugs are easy to clean since they can be transported and moved easily. 

Here are a few ways through which you can do your rug cleaning. 


1- Vacuuming

Rug cleaning by vacuuming is mostly used for carpeted flooring that’s fixed to the floor below. Vacuuming the carpet essentially sucks out the dirt that is between the fibres. Using a high powered vacuum with good suction is the best! 


2- Spot Cleaning

Sometimes there can be isolated spills and stains that occur on the carpets and rugs. These can be cleaned through the process of spot cleaning which involves specifically tending to the affected area. Spot cleaning is good for small and inconspicuous stains.


3- Dusting 

Sometimes rug cleaning would require regular dusting to just get rid of all the dust particles that are locked between the fibres. Dusting a rug would involve taking the rug to an open and well-ventilated area, and then can be either vacuumed or using a stick, the rug can be hit continuously to raise the dust off the carpet. Wearing the right protective face equipment while doing this process is very important! 

vaccuum cleaner cleaning dirt

vaccuum cleaner cleaning dirt

4- Chemical Cleaning

Some specific carpets and rugs have stains that cannot be cleaned with the average detergents or water and must be cleaned using specific chemicals. After ascertaining the type of stain and what kinds of chemicals work, rug cleaning can be done using these. 


5- Professional Rug Cleaning

Probably the most effective way of getting rug cleaning done is getting it done by professionals. Professionals not only know how to deal with specific stains, dust and grime but also have the knowledge, skills and equipment to clean the rug thoroughly. 


9 Tips for Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning!

Rug cleaning can certainly be a daunting task looking forward. However, it is extremely easy to do and is worth the effort at the end of it. 

Here are some specific tips that you can follow during your rug cleaning and carpet cleaning process! 

man using vaccuum cleaner

man using vaccuum cleaner

 1. Clean Often 

It is important to clean your rugs at least once a week to prevent discolouration and staining. You’d be surprised as to the amount of dust and grime that can collect within a few days. Hence, frequently tending to your rugs and carpet will keep them looking clean and greasy at all times.


2. Treat Stains Immediately 

When there is spillage of any liquid or when staining occurs, they must be tended to immediately so they don’t soak into the fibres. This takes us to the next tip! 


3. Have Cleaning Supplies at Hand 

Keeping cleaning supplies like wipes, cloths and detergent at bay especially during periods when staining could occur is very important. When these supplies are at close reach, the stain can be tended to quickly before it causes any damage. 


4. Household Items 

Many household items can be very effective in rug cleaning. Lint rollers and squeezes are great for removing accumulated dust between fibres. Using combs and toothbrushes to remove substances that are stuck on rugs or carpets is another great option! 


5. Household Chemicals 

You’d be surprised as to how many things you have in your house that can be used for rug cleaning as well. Simple items like baking soda, rubbing alcohol, shaving cream, nail polish remover, detergents and even ice can be used to remove different kinds of stains. Make sure you check first what works for what kind of stain before jumping into cleaning. 


6. Choice of Rug 

Choosing the right rug for different areas of the house is very important. Specifically, choosing the right rug materials. In living areas, choosing a rug with less absorption capacity and dark colours would be more suitable to prevent noticeable stains. 


7. Rubbing vs. Blotting 

For carpets specifically, blotting will not work in removing stains. Since the fibres are very deep and interlaced, rubbing slightly aggressively will ensure that the stain is removed to a certain extent. Rubbing also loosens the fibres to allow easy cleaning. 


8. Air it Out 

Whether you’re dusting, spot cleaning or washing carpets, make sure you’re doing it within a well-ventilated area. Not only will this prevent from the dust affecting your lungs, but the carpet can also be dried easily. Another advantage is that keeping rugs and carpets in direct sunlight for a few hours can kill any possible bacteria present with it and air it out. 


9. Be Careful! 

Treat your rugs with care! To avoid any staining in the first place, ensure that the carpet does not come in contact with such issues. Small things like removing shoes at the door, preventing eating or drinking on the carpet and other considerations can go a long way! 

So to increase the longevity of your rugs and carpets, rug cleaning can be done by following all these different tips and tricks mentioned in this article! 

The process is quite easy and if done well, your carpet should look as good as it did before. Cleaning your carpet frequently and maintaining it well will save you a lot of money in the long run and you’ll be able to use your carpet for a long time! 



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