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7 Top Tips For The Maintenance And Testing Of Cctv Fire Detection Systems

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cctv fire detection sysytem

cctv fire detection sysytem

There are fire detection systems that are designed to protect your house or any building from burning down as well as provide visual coverage of the area. These camera units are capable of detecting the smallest source of fire and smoke. The algorithm working on the backend of CCTV fire detection systems are efficient in detecting smoke and fire through density and flicker rate. However, such advanced technology requires the utmost care and maintenance to function correctly. Consider these 7 top tips for the maintenance and testing of the CCTV fire detection system, and your cameras would never fail you.

1. Check Algorithm

Just like any form of technology, CCTV cameras are also subjected to occasional failures. However, these devices are more prone to logical collapse rather than physical. A weekly check on the algorithms supporting the CCTV system can ensure public safety.


2. Check Alarm Panel And Battery

Like all machinery, CCTV fire detection systems also work with batteries and a connection panel. To maintain the well-being of your safety system, it is best to check and replace batteries every month.


3. Cleaning And Fixing

In factories and construction sites, there is a lot of dust. This could fog the screen of your CCTV camera. The best approach is to clean the lenses daily and fix its position at the right angle to have an unobstructed view.


4. Drills and Checks

It is always best to keep testing the mechanics and dynamics of your CCTV system. Therefore, scheduled drills would make sure that your cameras are in good shape.  However, checking the system for any bugs and faults is mandatory to maintain the vigilance of these cameras.


5. Replace Old Parts

Machines are prone to wear and tear while your CCTV fire detection is no exception. It would maintain the safety of your workplace by immediately replacing old parts with new ones.


6. Test Notification Devices

Your fire detection system is useless if the notification devices connected to it are not functioning. To maintain the decorum of a safe and secure environment, a functional test of all notification devices such as horns, alarm, and sirens is necessary.


7. Full Flame Testing

Full flame tests are conducted by researchers to ensure the legitimacy of the CCTV fire detection system. This involves placing a screen in front of eight cameras and setting fire 25m away from the cameras. This test is to discover the time CCTV cameras take to report smoke and fire. It also ensures whether certain parts of the CCTV cameras have worn out and need replacement.


Ending Note

Fire instances have seen a significant increase. These cases mostly occurred in offices and factories while threatening the lives of thousands of people. Thanks to CCTV fire detection technology, it is possible to detect fire incidents at an earlier stage. However, these cameras require maintenance to function correctly. If done right, your investment in this device would be worth-while. 



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