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7 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Air Purifier In Great Shape

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Unfortunately, the world today is full of airborne contaminants that could make a person sick, which could even, sometimes, lead to serious illnesses. While you could try to practice proper hygiene and wear a face mask, it’d be best if you could also take steps to ensure that the air inside your home or business establishment is clean at all times.

An air purifier’s main role is to absorb the airborne contaminants and allow the room to have fresher and cleaner air. That said, you can either have a HEPA air purifier commercial or a residential-type unit—whichever suits your requirements. And, with the amazing health benefits that an air purifier can provide, it’s only necessary that you keep them in their best shape for as long as possible. Here are some tips for you to achieve that:


1. Regularly Wash Your Pre-Filters

Most air purifiers today include a pre-filter that aims to remove larger dust particles in the air, allowing your other filters to focus on what they need to clean instead of cleaning regular dust, dirt, or pet hair that a pre-filter can easily remove.

An excellent maintenance tip to keep your air purifier in its best shape is regularly washing your pre-filters with water. However, the frequency of cleaning such types of filters differ would differ from one environment to another. To identify how often you should wash your pre-filters, try to turn them on for a whole month and check their condition. If they’re already dirty after that period, you should clean your filters once a month or every two weeks. However, if the filters are still clean after a month of use, you could try washing them once every two months.


2. Replace Filters

In order for the air purifier to fully serve its purpose, it would need HEPA and carbon filters to clean the air inside the room thoroughly. While these are effective at eliminating even the smallest particles of dirt that could harm one’s health, they have a limited lifespan; thus, you need to replace them on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should check the manufacturer’s recommended filter replacement and be on top of it as much as possible. You can stock up on some filters and easily replace them when necessary. Alternatively, there are washable HEPA filters that you can use if you want to enjoy some cost savings.


3. Always Use A Dry Cloth

Apart from cleaning your air purifier’s filters, you shouldn’t forget to clean the external device, too. Due to days or weeks being out of the box, the air purifiers would accumulate enough dust, which could get into the filter or any other part of the device. With that, you should give your air purifier a good wipe at least every two weeks.

When cleaning your air purifier, you should always use a dry cloth, no matter how much stubborn dirt it has. Your air purifier is still made with electronics, and keeping any form of moisture out of its way should help extend its lifespan. However, for the dirty plastic parts, you can use wet wipes and dry them well using a cloth.


4. Identify Proper Placement

To allow your air purifier to work at its best and keep it from overworking, you should know where to place it inside the room. This way, the device can evenly distribute good air throughout the room.

Ideally, you should place your air purifier on an elevated surface. Keep it away from the floor as much as possible; if they’re positioned too low, they might not work as effectively. You can place it on top of an accent table or any surface, at least two feet from the ground.

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5. Keep The Area Clean

As soon as you find the perfect spot to place your air purifier, your next step is to keep the area clean at all times. Your air purifier’s role is to clean out the dust and dirt around the room. But ,if its surroundings are already dirty, you’re giving your device extra and unnecessary work, which could lessen its efficiency.

With that, you should keep your area clean all the time and try to promote maximum airflow as much as possible. It’s also ideal that you allow your air purifier to breathe. Since it’s an electric device, it needs enough space to function well and prevent the machine from overheating.


6. Try To Minimize Air Filter’s Job

Having an air purifier might help put you at ease, knowing there’s a device responsible for keeping the air you breathe clean. White it can really be effective at doing its job, residential-grade air purifiers might not be able to thoroughly clean the room’s air, especially if it’s extremely dirty. With that, you should still try to minimize your air filter’s load as much as possible.

How to go about it?  You can start by regularly wiping down everything that’s starting to get dusty, vacuuming the floor every day, and deep cleaning your sofa and carpet to avoid dirt accumulation. Such steps should be enough to keep your air purifier running efficiently at all times.


7. Read The Manual

The best way to keep your air purifiers clean and well-maintained is by reading the manual. This tiny booklet usually contains all of the necessary information you need to properly clean and operate your air purifier. This way, you’ll have an idea of the dos and don’ts. The manual could also prevent yourself from causing further damage in case something goes wrong.

Before opening your air purifier, you should begin by reading the manual for some maintenance tips. This will allow you to clean your device properly, and how often. It might also include which type of cleaning materials you should use for wiping your device.



If you own an air purifier, it’s your responsibility to maintain it well to keep it in its best shape. This will include regularly cleaning your air filters, replacing your HEPA and carbon filters, and cleaning the device itself, while also looking for the optimal air purifier position. This way, you can keep your air purifier clean and allow it to function as effectively as it should.







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