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7 Modern Style Blinds & Window Shades You’ll Love in 2020

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window shades

window shades

Your window is one area of the home you should never overlook in your quest for a stylish and elegant home. However, there are different window blinds and shades created for use inside your home to blank out the sunlight and give your house a pleasant atmosphere.

Whether you love the aristocratic look or chic décor, window blinds and shades will give your home that perfect look. This page will reveal seven modern styles blinds and window shades you'll love in 2020 and beyond.

1. Technology Driven Window

This day's homeowners look for functionality, ease, and style. Getting a motorized technical window blinds and shades will let you manage how much light comes into your home at the press of a button. The remote control blinds cost more than the regular type of window shades and blinds because it has a controller attached to it, to raise or lower the blinds using remote control or smartphones. You manipulate the window blinds and shades without leaving your seat or moving. The shortcoming is that this style of windows shades is pricey due to the components and fixing costs.


2. Roller Blinds/ Holland Blinds

Do you want to get the best? Then consider going for these blinds. Roller blinds or Holland blinds are a fashionable class of products that satisfy a modern look and yet match the traditional day homes.

Features of these superior blinds include:

  • They are being made of a sturdy fabric. 
  • They are easy to operate.
  • They are fantastic for doors, windows, and meets child safety conditions.
  • They have a feature that lets you use the twin rollers that act as sunscreen in the day and enhances privacy at night.


3. Cordless blinds and Shades

Cordless blinds are the new trend, and many manufacturers are moving towards making more of this design. The makers created this cordless blind with sundry tones of colors, and you can choose any color you like. Cordless blinds make your windows appear neat and contemporary. This style of blinds does not have the traditional cords and is, therefore, safer to have in your home. For example, if you want to decorate a nursery for your child or have other safety concerns, we recommend this cordless blind.


4. Shutters Are in Ascendancy 

Shutters are fast becoming the most dominant product in this industry. These Shutters, which were made from the premium woods, provide users with a lot of confidentiality and definitive style. To make your shutters lively, get long drapery poles, and add draperies. The long poles will enable you to open and close the shutters smoothly. To get top quality shutters for your homes, you could try notable manufacturers such as Shutterup. We make state-of-the-art and affordable shutters and blinds of different types and colors. 


5. Rattan and Woven Shades 

This uniquely created gorgeous rattan and plaited shades designs are now popularly used in 2020. They are made in different hues of color and possibly light and transparent. The rattan and woven shades range between the traditional to the classic, and you could choose to go for a formal style. However, if you want a structured style, you may need to include a Roman shade on the wicker blinds. For those that need more confidentiality, you may have to buy a liner to add to the blinds and prevent light from getting through it.


6. Velvet Curtains 

This fabric has been in vogue for years and never goes entirely out of fashion.

Velvet will make your home classy when used as draperies for the windows and give the place enough light. Select exciting colors so that your home will look distinct. To give your room a unique look, hang the Velvet curtains from the roof to the floor. At different companies, you could get a range of pure fabrics and curtains to make your room dimmer and produce a stunning atmosphere.


7. Windows Shades 

Windows Shades have come to replace the former metal small blinds in ranges of materials, fabrics, and colors. A trendy style as of date is the Roman shades. These shades are like blinds, but they are suitable for your window frames. These window shades were created out of beautiful fabrics of neutral, or more lively colors, and classic colors to add panache to your home. Window Shades are easy to use. If you want to control the intensity of light inside your home, pull them up to the desired level. 



Here are seven modern styles of blinds and window shades you will love in 2020. Visit Shutterup Blinds Brisbane to enjoy inexpensive and superior window furnishings along with professional fitting. When you contact us for your blinds and window shades, you won't be able to contain the excitement when you welcome friends and family into your home.







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