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How to detect hidden mold in your home? Mold Symptoms, Mold Spores

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Simple How To Detect Hidden Mold Tips Anyone Can Use.

We know that mold is everywhere. It is a type of fungus that grows from tiny spores that floats in the air. With its environment, it can grow almost anywhere with spore moist lands and a comfortable temperature ranging between 40 and 100 degrees F. Typically that includes about every damp place in your home. Being the common house problem, it isn’t always destructive but can cause some damage to your home and even your health. So it is important to get it treated as soon as possible.

​You can easily spot mildew- the most visible type of mold. It begins as tiny, usually black spots but often grows into larger colonies. It is the most commonly found mold colony found in many homes. It’s the black stuff you see in the grout lines in your shower, on damp walls, and outdoors on the surfaces of deck boards and painted siding, especially in damp and shady areas.

There is also thing known as powdery mildew which is a fungal disease that affects food we ingest and a wide range of plants around us. When mold takes up your residence, your eyes, lungs, skin, and ears pay the rent.

How To Detect Hidden Mold

Mold Detection

​Molds are not easy to detect, and when you are in doubt of its presence, immediately get mold testing for your home. If you are looking for reliable mold testing in Long Island, trust only the best reviewed companies.

​To be able to detect the hidden mold effectively, below are the common symptoms you can look for:

​1. Mold spores are visible: 
Mostly, molds are visible in broken paint or open spores. If you see mold spreading in a large area, it is a sign of a bigger issue on your hand. And, scrubbing and washing the mold with sponge and soap will not help. You will need to contact a mold remediation company to get an expert’s supervision and get things under control.

How To Detect Hidden Mold

Mold Symptoms

2. Lingering cold or flu like symptoms: 
Mold generally happens with some sort of leakage. So, the problem has started way before it is visible to you. And, with this issue, the environment of your home could get affected which leads to your poor health. These molds can make you sick. You can now imagine the level of danger it is inviting to your house.

3. A musty and damp smell: 
One more indicator to know about the existence of mold in your house is damp and musty smell. The odor of different mold species is different. So, you might find difficult to sense the mold smell. But, if you smell a pungent moist smell in your home and building, immediately contact the companies providing mold testing in Brooklyn.                                                                                                                                                                                

​4. Having more nosebleeds: 
This might sound unbelievable but yes, a mold issue can cause nosebleeds. Hence, if you are having more nosebleeds than usual, you are having a serious mold problem in your home. It is complicated to track that your house is making you sick. But, in the condition of frequent nosebleeds, you certainly need to see a doctor to know the potential causes.

How To Detect Hidden Mold

Mold Remover

5. Learn about the history of flooding in your house: 
If your house had some past of flooding, this could lead to mold issues later on as well. According to researchers, mold could not be a short term occurrence after the flood, in fact, it is a long-term problem. So, check if your home had faced any flood in the past. And if your home had flooded, you may want to look into the previously areas for mold. 

6. Struggling with breathing or respiratory issues: 
Another symptom of mold issue could be difficulty in breathing and other respiratory issues. However, when one is sick this way, he might rest and recover. But it is not going to help you if there is mold present in your bedroom. So, being aware that mold can cause such an issue, you might think of finding the underlying cause of your health issues and home issues quicker.

Summing up:

If you have any suspicion of the presence of mold, immediately get it tested. Hiring a professional to remove the mold is the ideal way to get rid of any mold-related health issues. But, before hiring an expert, make sure you are choosing a reliable one. For this, you can go through their website, read reviews and talk to their executive.





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