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The Most Annoying Notorious Household Pests In The United States

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The results are in. If you have turned to your search engine to find out how to deal with household pests, you are not alone. Millions of people across the United States are doing the same thing every day.

Search engine trends indicate that there are some pests that people look for information about more than others. This popularity is not a sudden occurrence; these five household pests are the most heavily searched because they have spread out across the entire continent in vast numbers.

Here are the top five most annoying pests in the United States according to search engine data.



Homeowners are petrified of the thought that the spiders in their house could be poisonous. This is a valid concern in some parts of the country, but not all of them. You will see harmless, brown spiders in corners in most places, and they are not toxic.

It is relatively difficult for a spider to bite you. You have to get up close and personal for a spider even to attempt it (like going to sleep with one in your bed). Don't be quick to run for the bug spray if you see a spider in your home. 

Spiders help keep the bug populations in your home under control. Capture it in a jar and release the little thing outside it someone in your home doesn't like them, so it can go on to keep the ants, mosquitoes, and moths at bay in your garden.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs

The bites from a bed bug infestation are incredibly itchy. The thought of them crawling in your bed at night is just as annoying. They make their presence felt in every state. They are particularly active in the state of Illinois in the summer months. If you have a bed bug problem you want to be solved quickly, call pest control of Aurora, IL. Then you can sleep soundly.



These pests are everywhere. They afflict both residential and commercial properties equally. Their rustling keeps you awake at night, and their depredations on your food is a health hazard. The longer you leave a rodent problem alone, the more they will breed and damage stuff. If you see signs of a mouse in your house, call the exterminators.


If you have a cockroach problem in your house, whatever you do, don’t step on them. The females carry eggs inside them that can still hatch off the paper towel you use to wipe it up. If you see one cockroach, it’s guaranteed that there will be more. Call a pest control expert to come around and spray, so the roaches and the eggs don’t have a chance of survival.


Ants are equally happy eating the plants in your garden as they are the food in your house. Don’t think that the cold weather will kill them either. The eggs underground will hatch out when it starts to warm up. Solve the problem now with a call to an exterminator in your area.

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