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7 tips that save your home from bedbugs | Get rid of bed bugs permanently

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Some of the easiest ways to get rid of bed bugs permanently

1. Be certain that you are infested
2. Clean up
3. Check the bed frame and dresser drawers
4. Vacuum thoroughly
5. Use hot or cold treatment
6. Use pesticides
7. Prevention

Get rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

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How do I get rid of bed bugs permanently?

Get rid of Bed Bugs: Imagine walking in your office yawning and then having a bad day because you didn’t get a good night sleep since something kept irritating you. If you spent the entire night itching and tossing and turning, you might have been infested by bed bugs. Most bedbug bites are painless at first, but later turn into itchy welts.

Bed bugs can be really annoying. It can be really frustrating to get rid of them, and plus they can cause some serious allergies. These little red culprits can hide well under mattresses, head boards, bed springs, and the bed frame. Where do these come from you may ask? No, it is not because of uncleanliness; bed bugs don’t care about the environment all they need is a warm host and lots of places to hide.

Moreover, these small red pricks can easily travel on clothing, furniture, and boxes. They are mostly found in places that have a high turnover such as trains, hotels, and refugee camps. So if you travel frequently or slack with your pesticide practices, then you are likely to catch bed bugs.

Now that you know what causes bed bugs, here are some ideas that may help you prevent or in case you have them, then get rid of bed bugs:

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1. Be certain that you are infested

Get rid of Bed Bugs

bed bugs

The bed bug problem is quite common. However, before you jump on to any conclusions, you should be sure that you are really infested by bed bugs, otherwise you would just end spending a lot of money on getting rid of them. Many other bugs look like bed bugs, and hence, it is easy to get confused. Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, and they are brown with an oval-shaped body.

2. Clean up

Once you are certain that you are infested, there is no need to panic. Do not jump for the spray or call a professional. First, try to get rid of them through simple methods. Bugs love hideouts, hence your first step should be to get rid of any clutter and force them to come out of their hiding places. If bed bugs have infested your mattress, for example, you can get a special bed bug proof encasement, which will make it difficult for them to reach you.

Bed bugs also tend to hide in the laundry containers. So remember to clean those places. Also, regularly wash your bed sheets, blankets, and any other thing that touches the floor.

3. Check the bed frame and dresser drawers

Bed frame and the corners of dresser drawers are some of the favorite places of bed bugs. If you feel that your bed has been infested, then remove the mattress and dismantle the bed frame. This will expose the bed bugs and give you easy access to cleaning.

Remove the furniture and turn it upside down since bed bugs love to hide in corners of dressers and desks. Inspect carefully and clean all the hiding spots thoroughly.

4. Vacuum thoroughly

Once you are done with cleaning all the possible hideouts, vacuum the affected room thoroughly. This will make sure that there are no left over eggs. Use a vacuum hose to get access to crevices and furniture cracks. Vacuum along the furniture, the bed seams, headboard, and tufts. Remember bed bugs are really clingy, hence you may need to scrub the areas a bit. It is not a good idea to use a bristle attachment while vacuuming since this will transfer the bugs to other areas of the house.

Once you are done vacuuming, clean the vacuum thoroughly and dispose off the cleaner bags carefully.

5. Use hot or cold treatment

Heat treatment can be quite effective in getting rid of the bugs. You can put the infested items in the dryer or put them in a black plastic bag and keep them under the sun. You can also use a steam cleaner to kill the bugs. With steam cleaners, you can easily access the cracks, and you can also clean your carpets and furniture. Remember, do not try any other method that can put you at risk.

Bed bugs are really not fond of cold and die at 0 degrees. Put the affected items in the freezer for four days, and you will get rid of the culprits.

6. Use pesticides

Non chemical methods are the best way to go about treating bed bugs.  However, to make things work, you can opt for organic repellents such as proof bed bug spray along with other natural remedies. However, you need to be very careful in using pesticides.  Read the instructions carefully and follow them to the word. Improper use of foggers can impact your health or can even cause a fire. Use pesticides that are EPA registered and have bed bugs mentioned on it.

Once you are done with the treatment check for bed bugs after a few days. If you still find some then consider re-treatment. If you still cannot get rid of them, then try to use a pesticide with a different mode of action. For example, you can use a drying agent or a desiccant. A desiccant dries out the bug, and the bug doesn’t develop resistance to it, which makes it very effective.

Cover your power outlets during the treatment as bed bugs tend to hide in them until the environment is safe again.

7. Prevention

Bed bugs can cause a lot of trouble, so better be safe than sorry. Bed bugs mostly attack during travelling. So try to keep your clothing in a sealed bag while travelling. If you are getting second hand furniture, then thoroughly check it and get it treated before you bring it in your house. If you use share laundry facilities, then be very vigilant. Vacuum your place regularly and use protective covers on mattresses.

Parting thoughts

Bedbugs are very small, brownish, oval shaped insects that live on the blood of humans, animals . Bed bugs are quite common, so you don’t need to freak out in case you get infested. Do remember to get rid of them carefully. Make sure that you don’t infest others as well. If you are throwing out your mattresses or furniture, then do it in a responsible manner.

Bedbugs do not fly, though they can move quickly on ceilings, walls and floors. 

Know other ways to save your paradise? Feel free to share more ideas with us and let us know what u think in the comments below!

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