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Moving Checklist: Seven Essential Tips And Tricks

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Every person dreams of living in a comfortable and luxurious home. If you have finally built your little paradise, it is time to begin your relocating journey. Even if you are not moving out of state, in-town moves too require some preparation.

Unsurprisingly, moving into a new place is a time-intensive process, which means you need extensive planning and organization skills to tackle this daunting task. Ideally, you require two months to plan, pack, and execute everything. From purging broken household items, packing clothes, to getting rid of the junk – brace yourself for a moving out adventure.

Firstly, begin by inspecting your house to catch sight of unnecessary items. Homeowners love accumulating things without realizing they don't have enough space. Therefore, note down the things you no longer want and create a list of items you have to pack. Alongside helping you stay ahead of time, it can help you make a swift move. Still can't decide from where to begin, have a look below.

Here we are unfolding a moving checklist with seven essential tips and tricks:

1. Organize Your Things

Believe it or not, but you won't have time for trips back and forth to pick up tapes and boxes. Hence, gather your supplies beforehand to start packing without any interruptions. Estimate how many boxes you need and sizes, also grab some extras ones. You can get some wardrobe boxes to pack clothes directly rather than pulling each one out from the hanger. Likewise, buy extra tapes, bubble wraps for fragile items, packing paper to cover things from dust, and plastic sheets to seal the drawers.

2. Purge Unnecessary Items

You might be unwilling to give away things you no longer use, considering you need them at some point in life. Instead of flooding your new home with unnecessary items, secure them in climate-controlled storage units, avoid any concerns of humidity, and access it whenever possible. Whether it is your exclusive wooden furniture, sleek crockery, or statement artwork – storage facilities come in handy.

If you live in Nevada, you can easily find a decent storage facility that provides top-notch security of the premises. For example, Iron Guard Storage has a pin-code and fingerprint locks to avoid any theft. With less clutter, you will enjoy spacious rooms in your new place, helping you unwind. 


3. Color-Code & Label The Boxes

When moving into a new home, unpacking can be trouble, and looking for a toothbrush in the box of kitchen utensils will be the last thing you want. Hence, label and color-code your boxes. Begin your packing spree from one room and give a color to it – for instance, black for the living room, red for bathroom, and blue for bedroom. Similarly, grab some markers and label the boxes – winter clothes, cutlery, artwork, decoration pieces, and accessories. It is better to label empty cartons and then start packing since you will know where to put your what.


4. Pack Smartly

People who pack things the last-minute end up stuffing boxes with everything they see. It does make packing simpler but creates a massive mess in your new home. Therefore, you have to be smart about packing your things. Utilize the space of your cooking pots and store spice jars in it. Likewise, wrap all the knives inside the potholders and seal it with a rubber band. Instead of taking everything out from the drawers, pull them out from the dresser and wrap plastic sheets to secure the accessories.


5. Place Heavy Items In Small Boxes

Do you have small boxes? If not, get some as they are very feasible for packing heavy items. Many people use large boxes for bulky things to avoid breakage. Surprisingly, it is best to put them inside small boxes first. Alongside making it easy to carry, it can prevent the items from falling out as excessive weight can break the box. If any containers have fragile items – glasses or crockery, stuff it with blankets and pillows for an extra layer of protection.


6. Ask For Help

Are you shy about asking for help? Honestly, it can be a great idea, especially if you are running short on time. Call over your friends, siblings, or family relatives to lend you a hand. Anyone who has been through the moving out phase would be more than willing to help you. If you have good friends, feel free to treat them with yummy food. Express gratitude and say thank you for all their help. Besides, if you are moving out of town, it could be an incredible opportunity to spend time together.


7. Prepare An Essentials Bag

With all the fatigue of packing things, you can't immediately start unpacking once you move in. It is better to unwind and relax before after a tiring day before digging into the boxes. At the same time, you can't survive without essentials, so prepare a bag. Put some clothes, hairbrush, chargers, snacks, hygiene products, and slippers – all the things you need for a couple of days. It will eliminate the need to unpack instantly, letting you organize the new place accurately.



Indeed, moving to a new location can be overwhelming and stressful, but it is not impossible. If you stay conscious of time and focus on getting things done – it could be an entirely satisfying experience. Get a moving out' notebook' and list all your tasks. Please keep track of the items completed and pay attention to the unfinished tasks. In the end, all will be worth it, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.


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