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Must-Read Tips For Anyone Wanting To Adopt A Dog

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Have you been dreaming of owning a dog? Dogs are fun and exciting pets. However, adopting a dog can be overwhelming, especially for first-time dog owners. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of things like your guide to adopting a dog that will make your time at the shelter easier and have an easy time once you bring your new pet home.

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1.     Ask for an assessment of the dog’s health and behavior.

An established shelter will provide health and behavioral assessments. Ask for if it’s not provided. Most shelters take time to analyze things such as the personality and energy levels of every dog they are putting up for adoption. If the energy levels of the dog don’t match that of your household, the adoption won’t work out. For instance, if the dog likes to run around and you live in a smaller urban home without much room, the adoption won’t go well.

2.     Gather essential supplies.

Before you bring your new pet home, gather essential supplies that will make him/her safe and comfortable. Essential supplies include food, water bowls, ID tags, leash and collar, toys, and grooming supplies and treats. A dog bed and kennel are also necessary. A dog kennel acts as a safe space where the dog can rest as it adjusts to its new home. Check out different kennel sizes and designs on Aleko.

3.     Prepare your home.

Before your cheerful pup comes home, it’s important that you prepare your home. Put away items that may be harmful to your curious little pet and those things that you don’t want to get chewed.

4.     Don’t switch your dog’s food immediately.

When picking up your dog, remember to ask when and what the dog used to be fed. You should replicate that schedule for a few weeks before you start to gradually switch to the schedule and brand that you want to be feeding your pet regularly. This helps to avoid gastric distress.

5.     Begin training immediately.

Even if your pet were previously housebroken, it would still require a little housetraining. You see, a new environment with new people, new sounds, and new smell can throw even the most housebroken adult dog off-track. Thus, you’ll want to train your dog and introduce new rules immediately.

6.     Get your pet checked by a vet.

Typically, shelters and breeders have documentation about the care your pet has received. However, it’s still vital to establish a relationship with a vet and get a basic health assessment.

7.     Adopt your dog during a weekend or when you have some days off work.

It’s crucial that you spend time with your new friend when you first bring him home. If you’re going to be a working pet parent, take a day off if possible. During this time, put your dog in the part of the house where you want him to be staying when you’re not home. As a test, practice leaving and coming back after a few minutes. This way, your pet will get used to seeing you go and know that you’ll always return.