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New Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends For 2022

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If you want to update your kitchen but are unsure what colors are in fashion, check out the latest colors for kitchen cabinets at retailers like Superior Stone & Cabinets. This year, you’ll see colors like lavender and periwinkle blue. Both are fresh colors and will add to your design scheme. Plus, they feel more versatile.


Many colors can make a kitchen look bright and cheery. In the coming years, the new kitchen cabinet color trends will focus on warm, natural colors that make you feel good. These include silvery green and fresh periwinkle. In addition, you can add some citrus and neutral colors to your kitchen for a new, sunny look.

Green is another popular color trend for kitchen cabinetry in 2022. This color is both calming and sunny and is ideal for a kitchen with a modern design. It’s also an excellent color for cabinets, especially if you pair it with a creamy white accent.


If you’re unsure what color to choose for your kitchen cabinets, check out the trends for 2022. Several color brands have released their predictions for what colors will be popular in 2022. If you want to keep your kitchen warm and inviting, try a dark green. You can even try a lighter shade to add more brightness.

If you don’t want to use black, try a sage green instead. This color is a perfect blend of nature and soothe. It won’t make your kitchen look overly stark and will be an excellent choice for open-concept homes.


A few years ago, blue cabinets were a popular color choice for kitchens. This year, however, the color trend is shifting to a more neutral, natural color. This year’s favorite colors are bright, nature-inspired silvery green and soothing periwinkle. These colors are perfect for kitchens and make your space fresh and new. A simple change to your cabinet doors can update the look and feel of your room.

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The new kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022 will reflect a desire to reconnect with nature. These calming hues are perfect for kitchen cabinets. In addition, they pair well with other colors and neutrals. So whether you’re updating your existing kitchen or adding a new one, the kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022 will give your space a whole new look.


Periwinkle blue is an excellent and refreshing shade of blue. This cool shade of blue is ideal for kitchen cabinets. Its warm tone can bring a festive air to a gray or white kitchen. This color also looks great when paired with warm wood floors. Its unexpected hue can change the look of a kitchen completely.

The new kitchen cabinet colors of 2022 will make your kitchen look fresh and modern. This shade of blue features a purple undertone. This color has been a popular fashion color for years, and it’s no surprise that it’s made its way into kitchen cabinetry. Not only does periwinkle blue bring freshness to a design scheme, but it also feels more versatile.


Gray-green will dominate the cabinet color trend for the next couple of years. This color is light and soothing and goes well with almost any aesthetic. Six companies have chosen it as the Color of the Year for 2022. It can be paired with various natural and neutral hues and is particularly effective against white accents.

For 2022, the color trends for kitchens will be centered on colors that make you feel good. These include periwinkle and citrusy neutrals, as well as nature-inspired silvery green. So you can revamp your kitchen with the right mix of colors and make it feel brand-new.


The new kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022 will focus on colors that make you feel good, including earthy green tones. These colors go with just about any aesthetic and are best paired with natural dyes and white accents. So whether you’re redecorating your entire kitchen or simply updating the cabinet doors, these colors will make your kitchen look and feel like a new place.

According to interior designers, these colors will dominate the kitchen for the next few years. These colors evoke a feeling of energy and go with the current technological advances. Green marble will also continue accentuating the kitchen countertops and giving them a natural feel. Many people are moving away from traditional color schemes and towards energizing, thrilling hues.