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Own Some Unique Plants That Don’t Need Sun Through Online Plant Delivery

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Many people intend to include a touch of nature into their homes by adding an indoor garden. That’s especially true for those less fortunate with their outdoor spaces.

A positive with growing inside the house is exploring different species you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work with. Controlling the environment to accommodate different foliage allows varieties outside the local zones if you can mimic the conditions.

Plus, trusted resources like Planted Pot make a broad selection of greenery available for gardeners to choose from with instructions on care and maintenance. One of the primary elements necessary for a plant’s optimum well-being is typically sunlight.

Still, as with water, getting the right light and an adequate amount is critical. So how do gardening enthusiasts know whether the light conditions are sufficient for the foliage they intend to purchase, and what if you have insufficient conditions (few windows)? Let’s look at a few plants that are not sun reliant.

Types Of Plants That Don’t Rely On The Sun

When attempting to grow an indoor garden, you would assume that sunlight is a requirement, but that’s not always the case. Some households are deprived of direct sunlight or natural light. That can often be resolved using grow lights or lamps for certain varieties.

It’s essential to pay attention when browsing the various species and their care instructions to ensure there is no direct sunlight requirement since these foliage won’t tolerate mere lights to survive. The maintenance for a plant is literal, with no place for substitutions.

An option for someone with little to no sunlight would be to look for varieties that genuinely don’t need the sun. Find out if plants need the dark to grow at https://thepracticalplanter.com/do-plants-need-darkness-to-grow/. Check out a few species that require minimal light or survival possibilities using artificial lamps or lights.

Prayer Plant

The foliage is so-called because in the dark of the night, the unusual leaves, designated by pink veins and an oval shape, will fold in almost like hands forming for prayer. The plant, many people place in hanging baskets, can survive with low light but prefer a bright indirect illumination.

If this is not sufficient, the foliage will close in its typical form at night and not reopen in the morning, plus they will start to fade over time. A gardener wants to ensure the soil is moist and the environment is amply humid.


The philodendron’s heartleaf is distinctive, and the foliage is considered among the hardiest with both climbing and non-climbing options. The greenery has the capacity to survive under most conditions with no need for sunlight and little maintenance.

Any species of this plant needs bright, indirect lighting but can survive in partial shade. With adequate care, the species can grow as wide as six feet and three feet in height. If you start to notice gaps in the foliage with thin, long stems, that means insufficient light. It needs to go in a brighter area.


It also references zebra, rattlesnake, or cathedral plant due to the feather-like foliage resembling a peacock. The greenery is a “show” plant and takes considerable care. The atmosphere needs to be humid with soil that is not damp but moist using either rainwater or distilled water.

Lighting needs to be medium to low, or the leaves can become “sad” from direct rays. In order to ensure tremendous success, the suggestion is to make sure the species you buy is healthy from the beginning, avoiding small options, especially those with brown foliage.

Dumb Cane

Many people choose this gorgeous species for both workspaces and home environments. The name is such because every aspect of this foliage is poisonous, meaning this should not be in any location where there are kids or animals. The results, if consumed, would be swelling, itching with skin exposure.

The danger is minimized for those who understand how to handle the variety with minimal contact. Based on the species, the lighting range (filtered) will go from low to high. Filtered implies a window between the plant and the sun or even a sheer curtain over the window.

Each species is unique, meaning it’s critical to read the instructions to learn how to care for the one you have adequately as far as the illumination.

Cast Iron

Cast iron greenery also references as “the iron plant” since the variety is exceptionally hardy. These survive in most conditions allowing gardeners of every skill level the opportunity to begin an in-house sanctuary with minimal maintenance showing vibrant green foliage for those who want a natural aesthetic in their home.

The plant needs very little light with the capacity to thrive almost anywhere in the house. The iron plant grows at a slow pace but is tough to kill. The only problem is if you place them in direct sunlight, the leaves will become scorched.

If you want to keep the leaves looking nice and allow them to accept nutrients and light, some maintenance is required by wiping them with a moist cloth each week.

pot plant

pot plant

Final Thought

There are varieties of plants online and in nurseries or garden centers for beginners and seasoned pros that can thrive under almost any home condition. It doesn’t matter whether you have ideal lighting or prefer minimal maintenance. Go here to see if plants will grow better in direct sun or artificial lights. Regardless of the circumstances, you will match with a variety of plants explicitly meant for you with the right amount of research.





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