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Ways To Remove Your Underarm Hair

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removing underarm hair

removing underarm hair

Summers are always the best time to stay free with your sleeveless, shorts, and breezy dresses; however, the luxury of wearing your lovely outfits can be denied, especially when you have body hair, including your underarm. Getting an affordable underarm hair removal can be tricky since it is one of the body's most delicate areas. However, there are different tricks and remedies to deal with underarm hair removal, as this post explains.

Simple Ways to Remove Underarms Hair

The following are some of the ways of removing underarm hair:


An Epilator

An epilator is a device that helps remove the underarm hair. It is an easy and convenient option to use.

How it works

  • Soften your skin by taking a warm water bath to make the process less painful
  • Stretch your arm and use the epilator at a tilted angle and start removing the hair
  • Ensure you access all areas of your underarm that has hair
  • Apply the gel to soothe the skin.


  • It is gentler than waxing
  • Efficient and fast
  • Hair takes time to grow


  • It may cause one to have ingrown hair
  • You may experience pain



Waxing is the most widely used option for removing underarm hair. It would be best to have wax, wax strips, powder, spatula, moisturizer, and a towel.

What to Do

  • Soften the underarm skin using warm water and soap
  • Wipe with a towel and apply powder.
  • Heat the wax and spread it on the area where hair has grown using a spatula
  • Using the wax strip, press it firmly on the wax
  • Pull the strip in one direction and repeat the process until all hair is
  • Clean the underarm and apply the moisturizer


  • Waxed hair takes longer to grow
  • Make your skin smooth


  • May lead to ingrown hair
  • It is painful


Using a Razor

A razor is a less painful way of trimming your underarm hair. You will require a razor, shaving cream, and body lotion

What to Do

  • Lather your underarm using the shaving cream
  • Raise your arm and shave around the area with the hair
  • Rinse your underarm and dry it, then apply body lotion to soothe the skin


  • The method is not painful
  • It is a fast and easy way to remove hair


  • Hair grows back fast
  • There are high chances of ingrown hair
  • May darken your underarm
underarm hair removal products

underarm hair removal products

Depilatory Creams

Many hair removal creams are available in the market for your use. However, it depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Creams are some of the most affordable underarm hair removal methods. You will need a depilatory cream, spatula, and moisturizer. Clean your underarm, apply the cream to the area, and give it some time. Then clear the cream using the spatula and then clean the area. Apply moisturizer to soothe the area.


Using Tweezers

Tweezers are effective for people who do not have dense hair on the underarm. It involves plucking your underarm hair. Though the method is painful, the hair takes longer to grow. The method also takes longer since you have to pluck each hair at a time.

Your underarm hair should not make you uncomfortable when many remedies are available to get rid of it. Then you can enjoy your summer freely by having your best outfits.





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