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How Do You Paint Interior Walls?

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Best Tips To Paint Your Interior Walls

Paint Interior Walls

interior walls

Assume the Paint Interior Walls of your room to be a canvas, and you can paint any color you want on that canvas. So are you ready to give touches of selective colors on your wall-canvas so that the wall may be manifested as paintings of eminence? Painting a room is a great way to brighten up your room.

Interior paint can completely change the look of your house. You can set the colors as per your mood. A vibrant or dark color can add a charm to a boring room. These kinds of paints can be used on any surface of your house.


Why is Paint Interior Walls important?

Very often, homeowners want to renovate their homes in a cost-effective way. A fresh coat of paints can make your house more attractive. Sometimes exhausted sunlight and heavy rain can give birth to the dampness and cracks which can affect the surface of your home. So paint provides a protective coating and helps to hide those damages and cracks.

Fresh paint makes your home look attractive. If you intend to sell your house, then you should definitely paint your house because it gives a new look which will attract buyers and will increase the value of your property in the real estate market. Interior painting helps to reduce dust.

If you have a small and darkroom, you can paint light colors which will give you a glimpse of freshness and make it appear as airy and open. If you have an open space, you can go for the vibrant colors which will give you the illusion of coziness.


How to paint the interior wall?

Painting walls is the most unique and easiest way to enhance the value and charm of your house. To get the professional decoration, several steps are required.


1. Cleaning:

All the surfaces need to be cleaned. This step helps to reduce the dirt and dust. At first, you need to add a few drops of dishwashing liquid in the water, and then by using a large cellulose sponge, you can clean the walls of your room.


2. Protect floor and furniture:

Before starting the painting, the floor of the room should be covered, and all the furniture should be placed in the center of the room and be covered with a painter's plastic so that during painting any color may not be scattered on the furniture.

Painting materials like brushes, paint buckets, and paint trays should be placed on the tarp.


3. Apply painter's tape to cover all the edges of the wall:

To maintain the proper lining of your painting in the wall, painter's tape may carefully and lightly be set on the edges of the walls as well as molding and fixtures if any.


4. Mixing the primer and paint:

Before using the primer or paint, you should always mix both the products with a mixing stick. This should be done to ensure the proper distribution of pigments in the primer and paint.

You are not supposed to shake the paint cans to mix the paint in between the painting to avoid dry paint chips from the lid to mix into the paint. Rather a mixing stick should be used for this purpose.


5. Ensure the wall's smooth surface:

To achieve professional touch, a smooth and even surface is needed. Initially, any imperfections or cracks in the wall should be checked and patched properly with the help of the patching compound.

This patching compound should be applied on the uneven surface of the wall with a putty knife and be left for a few minutes to dry. The next step is to use sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the wall.


6. Priming the wall:

Pour the primer into the paint tray. A cheap tray liner can be used to line the tray. Before you begin the painting, you need to dip your paintbrush in the primer bucket, and then you have to draw a straight line along the edge of the wall.

The next step is to coat the roller in the primer. The roller needs to be heavily coated with the primer. When you cover the wall with primer, take the roller and fill the area in a large "W" shape. After all these processes, leave it to dry for about one to two days.

Paint Interior Walls


7. Painting the wall:

Finally, you are ready to begin the process of painting. First of all, you need to get a new tray then pour the paint into it. Get hold of your paintbrush and dip it into the paint. While you are painting along the edges of the wall, always try to make straight lines.

Having finished painting around the edges and fixtures, start painting to fill in the center of your wall-canvas. By dipping the roller into the paint, begin to cover the wall by up and down motion of the roller. But be sure to overlap the painted edges.

After completion of the painting, the paint will need at least 24 hours to dry, and as such, no pictures or furniture should be replaced, or no children or pets should be allowed to enter into the room, so as to prevent touching fresh paint on the walls.


8. Clean up:

After successful completion of the steps mentioned above, the painter is required to remove the entire painter's tape and gathered drop cloths ensuring not to dry any spills or splatters before they are removed.

After that, brushes used for latex and water-based paint should be cleaned with soap and water, but brushes for oil-based paints must be cleaned with mineral spirits.



Painting your own house seems a herculean task to oneself. Especially to a person who is not a painter but equipped with these guidelines mentioned above and know-how, one can try one's hand in painting, decorating and beautifying the room or even the entire house.

In this modern era, it has become a trend to give the dwelling place a touch of beauty irrespective of the poor and rich alike. So why should the home-the sweet home be left unpainted and undecorated?







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