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Is Pipe Relining Better Than Pipe Replacement? Why Use Epoxy Resin?

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Pipe Relining Epoxy Resin

Are you worried about cracked, clogged, or leaking pipes in your house? You are thinking about pipe replacement, but the cost, time, and amount of work that comes as part and parcel of it is scaring you? Fret not, by taking advantage of pipe relining services. You can make your pipes as good as new without extra work of digging and excavation.

After comparing the pros and cons of relining vs. replacement, you will be able to grasp the usefulness of the process better.

Pipe Relining Epoxy Resin Methods

Mentioned below are a few differences that can aid you in making a decision between the two.


Pipe Relining Epoxy Resin is done with the help of an inflatable tube. A piece of tube is passed through the clogged or damaged pipe and inflated as per the diameter of the pipe to fit in smoothly. It is then fixed in the pipe using epoxy resin. The material used is durable and strong to reline the pipes with an inflated tube to repair the damage. As for pipe replacement, it requires extensive digging to remove the damaged pipe, and a new pipe is installed instead to fix the problem.

Pipe Relining Epoxy Resin



Pipe relining costs less as it requires less labor, which in turn decreases the overall cost of the whole process. On the other hand, pipe replacement comes at a high cost. It requires excavation, removing the old pipes, and fitting in the new ones. The disposal of pipes can also add up to the overall cost.


Pipe relining, in contrast to pipe replacement, is a quick fix to your plumbing system. The time spent on excavation, removal of old pipe, and fixing of a new pipe in pipe replacement is saved by inserting a piece of inflated tube in the damaged pipe, which provides a quicker and a long-term solution to the problem.


Imagine digging a tile or concrete floor or reaching a pipe in a cramped environment. Pipe replacement requires extensive labor work in such scenarios. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out pipe relining in a complex situation to avoid any damage to other parts of the property.


There has been a lot of debate on the internet about the durability of pipe relining. A good quality pipe relining lasts longer than sub-standard quality new pipes. There is no doubt about the durability of the pipe relining. They will last for years to come and give a top-notch performance if fitted by a professional service.


When it comes to convenience, pipe replacement certainly cannot beat the pipe relining. Imagine excavating a tiled or concrete floor and replacing the whole plumbing system. Pipe relining is also useful when the surrounding areas of damaged pipe are likely to be affected. On the other hand, pipe replacement needs a lot of effort, time, and money during and after the process is completed to bring the site back to its original shape.




When Pipe Relining is Preferred over Pipe Replacement


Keeping in view, the above-mentioned benefits it is highly recommended to opt for pipe relining.

  1. Preserve the landscape or the material that you have used in your property. A hefty amount is spent on the floors, walls, and decor of the house, both indoors and outdoors. Who would want to dig the whole area to repair a pipe and once again re do the house? Nobody. In that case, pipe relining is your go-to option instead of replacing the whole pipe. This is recommended if the damage is not excessive and can be repaired through relining.

  2. According to the plumbers who have their expertise in pipe relining, the surrounding soil conditions play a crucial role in deciding whether to go for pipe relining or pipe replacement. If a house is surrounded by poor soil conditions such as clay soil, then pipe relining is more suitable to fix a damaged pipe. Pipe replacement can affect the overall structure and foundation of the house. Therefore it is not recommended in such cases.

  3. Another important factor is how old your house is. In the case of old houses, pipe relining is recommended to avoid any damage to the property. Experts suggest that it is better to avoid digging a very old property to fix the pipe and get a pipe relining instead. In the case of excavation, there are chances that in the long term, your property will need maintenance frequently due to digging of the soil.

  4. Plumbing system- Experts will analyze the plumbing system in your house to assess if pipe relining is possible to fix the leaking pipe or not. Now that pipe relining is gaining popularity, it is recommended to make sure the plumbing system which is being set up in newly built properties is such that it supports pipe relining, in case a repair is needed in the future. It will not only save the cost but also makes the task easier in case of any fault in the pipes without doing any damage to your property.


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In case the damage is too extensive and irreparable, you are only left with the option of replacing the pipe. It will be costly, time-consuming, and might affect the surrounding areas of the damaged pipe, but there is no other option. Therefore, pipe replacement is recommended as a last resort in certain cases. For example, when pipe relining is not an option or if you are undergoing a major renovation in your house, and there are faulty pipes in your plumbing system. It is better to replace them all at once rather than going through the whole process at a later stage.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of choosing the experts to take charge of all this process for you. Beginning from analyzing the problem, determining the damage, and relevant costs to carry out the whole process, you should only hire the experts located in your area to fix your pipes. This way, it will be better to reach out to them in case of any queries or complications.

Final Word

A lot of cases have been observed in which people suffered a lot of damage to their property just because they compromised on the company they hired for the work. Only experts will be able to judge if pipe relining can provide the solution to your plumbing problems, or you have to opt pipe replacement to get the issue resolved. Invest time in hiring the best company within your available budget, read the reviews online, ask your neighbors, and do thorough research and understand how does pipe relining work. A wrong choice can cost you a lot in terms of money, time, and may cause permanent damage to your property, so choose wisely.


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