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Porch Swing Vs Glider: Which One Should You Buy?

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porch swing

porch swing

So, you have got a lovely porch, but you cannot decide between a porch swing and a glider. Making a decision between these two types of furniture could be difficult. However, it will make your life a little simpler if you evaluate first the benefits and drawbacks of porch swings and gliders before deciding on which one to purchase.

Porch Swing vs. Glider


Porch Swing

A piece of furniture (basically a bench) is attached with a rope or chains that enable a horizontal and vertical swinging motion.



  • There are numerous designs to pick from
  • It is really lovely, and it is appropriate for everyone in the family
  • Increased swing motion
  • Beautiful porch decoration with superb aesthetics



  • More space is required for swinging
  • Increased safety requirements, increased risk of falling
  • More work is needed to set up or hang
  • More upkeep is needed to keep it safe
  • You must hang it someplace or on something for it to properly swing (such as a branch or an A-frame)
  • More costly


Glider or Platform Rockers

This is a piece of furniture that allows for horizontal movement.



  • It does not require an ample space
  • It would be less likely for someone to fall off
  • You simply place it there, and you are ready to rock
  • Fewer maintenance tasks are required
  • It appears to be a well-engineered bench
  • People suffering from motion sickness are less likely to be affected



  • Perhaps not that 'cool' for our society's younger members


Porch Swing Vs Glider: Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to functionality, the glider wins hands out. However, we do not purchase such items solely for the purpose of sitting on them. It should be that we like the way they look and how relaxed they make us feel.

There is also a cultural component to these pieces of furniture art. There is no dispute that a porch swing is ideal in terms of aesthetics and sentimentality.

Although both of these pieces of furniture are excellent at providing relaxing motion, we must keep our objectives in mind when selecting which one to get because both are not equal and, hence, produce different results. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind.


1. Establish Your Goals. Why Do You Need to Purchase a Porch Swing or Glider?

When making any major decision, the first step is to describe your objectives or why you choose what you want. 

If your goal is for a practical reason, that reason should take precedence over whatever aesthetic or personal attachments you might have. For example, if you are a breastfeeding mother and need something larger than a reclining chair to nurse your infant, you should consider a glider.

Both of these pieces of furniture pair well with accents and could be used to adorn your porch. Take note that the porch swing or glider can have cushions in your choice of colors. As a result, whether you choose a porch swing or a glider, a few accessories can help you achieve your goal of having a functional piece of furniture that can bring a splash of color to your porch.

Because porch swings are traditionally popular, that does not mean though that you have to "keep up with the trend." Do not buy something just because somebody else has it; instead, choose what you want. You may not even require a glider or a porch swing; perhaps all you require is a rocking chair.

As a result, it is essential that you clarify your objectives. When you are not clear with your objective, you are wasting your money and effort by purchasing items you do not require.


2. Establish Your Parameters. 

Maintenance and Costs

Nowadays, it is really important it is to be practical. Examine your budget to see what you can afford to buy. Porch swings are typically more expensive than gliders; can you afford one, and if so, how much? Note that a porch swing has installation fees as well as greater maintenance expenditures.

If you cannot afford the upkeep of both types of furniture, it can become dangerous for whoever will use it. 



Consider your space. You may wish to have a porch swing; however, your porch or patio could only accommodate a glider, especially if you live in a small condo. If you own a large backyard, your possibilities are more varied. The essential element here is to get furniture that will make your apartment feel like a home rather than something that would become an impediment and crowd the entire porch.


The Significance of Foresight

The list above shows some of the essential parameters to consider when making a decision; grab a paper and pen and select which parameters are most important to you. Decide not just for the now but also for the future. A rocking chair could be appropriate if you will use it alone, but how about if you have company? A glider or porch swing is much preferable in that case.

Make decisions that demonstrate forethought, and be visionary with your decision-making. It might seem that you are going into too much detail about something as basic as deciding over two pieces of furniture; however, you will discover that by applying this kind of thought to any decision that you will make, you will avoid clutter and only buy objects that have greater importance in your life.

Experts often tell people that if they have a baby, they should acquire a glider. Not only is it usually safer than the rocking chair, but you could sit on an exact glider and tell your child how you used to nurse him or her on that particular piece of furniture when he or she was a baby. However, if you use a rocking chair, it may be difficult to share such a memory in the future.

The objective here is to make a decision not only for the present but also for the future.


3. Decide and Choose What You Love.

As the saying goes – life is indeed short – and it is probably right; this just goes to say that you just have to follow what's in your heart. Determine what you really love: is it a porch swing or a glider? If you have decided, then "choose your love and love your choice."







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