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How To Choose The Right Generator For Construction | Portable Generators

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Portable Generators - For Construction Pros

Portable Generators are used as backups for traditional power supplies, but they can also be used as the primary source of power for devices. In back ups you might not even realise a generator is in place. They’re there to take over when there’s a sudden outage so you can keep doing what you need to. The technology has advanced to the point where generators are able to operate more efficiently and supply more power. This has led to an expansion and generators are used in a variety of different sectors.

Typically they are found in areas with less stable sources of electricity, but lately they’ve been expanding into different sectors. While you can find generators in the home, you’ll also find temporary generators which are used for camping, heavy duty generators for businesses, and generators for construction. 

Portable Generators

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Portable Generators in construction

Look around any city or town and you will see construction sites of all shapes and sizes. We’re constantly growing and that means we have to keep building to keep up. Construction sites contain a range of different equipment and a lot of the bigger machinery will be self powered. However, hand tools, welders, saws etc. will all need a constant power source supplied. This is where generators come in. 

Construction without power is bad on all counts. It’s obviously bad for the people working as they don’t have the tools they need to do their job. It’s bad for the company as they can’t make any progress with the project. Another factor many don’t consider is the economics. Construction sites are extremely costly to run and there’s a lot of outgoings. Even a single day without productivity can lead to thousands in losses and this isn’t sustainable for large or small companies. 

Generators are now used in almost every construction site in the world to mitigate this risk. Having this backup allows a project to progress without being reliant on outside factors, and helps companies meet deadlines with confidence. 


Choosing the right generator

Portable Generators

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Generators have a lot of value, but it’s important to get the right one. There are a myriad of factors to consider but for us there are three factors that matter more than any others: is another place to choose right generators. 

  • Power

Generators aren’t one size fits all and they all have different outputs. In the same way, construction projects are all different and vary massively depending on what they’re building. You need a generator that can comfortably provide power for all the different kit you have on site. This means doing a bit of quick math and totting up everything you have and working out the minimum output you need. 

All of your tools will have their wattage clearly stated so you just need to add it all up, however you should bear in mind that some tools need more energy when they’re starting up. You should generally allow for 10% extra power just in case you need in. 


  • Noise Level

A key considerations for generators is the noise they produce. Generators have always traditionally been loud and those which are used as a backup are normally more bulky and clunky pieces of kit. Technological advances have made all generators much more effective and quieter, however this isn’t always the case. 

On a building site you may not need to limit the noise at all, especially if you’re using big machinery. However, more constructors are becoming community conscious and trying to have less impact on the area around them. A large part of this is limiting the decibels being produced, and in some areas there are even regulations to make sure companies are limiting the noise. 

As a rule, the quieter the generator the better quality it is likely to be. If you’re looking for a lower decibel model there are plenty out there, but it will cost you more. 


  • Quality

Quality is the most important factor in any product, and it’s crucial for generators that are supporting a construction site. It can be difficult to determine which models are offering a quality product but there are a few elements to look out for. The easiest differential is the brand. Always go for a company or name that you trust and you’ll be more likely to find a good quality generator. For us Honda, Westinghouse and Duromax are all reliable. 

You should also consider the materials. Steel make generators are longer lasting and are more durable than alternatives. You should also look for a well made control panel which can stand up to heavy wear and tear. 

You should also consider the efficiency of the generator before buying it. This is normally well advertised for each product, but the more efficient the generator generally the better quality it is. You should also look for a large fuel tank which will ensure the generator can provide power for longer. 

Quality is a different trait to fully define because it really depends what you’re looking for. User reviews are a great way to determine if you’ve found a generator that can do the job and we always advise looking over these before buying. 

Where you find generators for construction

Generators are now commonplace and you can find specialist outlets across the country. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home you can find a whole host of sites offering generators. This is an easier way to find the best products as you have the most variety, but it really comes down to personal preference.


Generators for construction

There’s no one option for generators that suit construction sites. You first need to carefully consider your needs and what you expect from it. This will massively help you narrow down and focus your options on generators that will provide what you need.

There’s a lot of variety out there and more companies than ever before making generators specifically for construction sites. Take your time, do your research, and you can find a great generator that will provide you and your team with the reassurance they need that the power won’t suddenly turn off! 


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