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5 Problems That Warrant Same-Day Hot Water System Repairs

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water heater

Your mornings could be ruined if you come to find that your hot water system is not working. People tend to panic in such situations. However, what you should do is keep calm and give a call to the professionals, especially if you would like to know what went wrong with your system.

Hot Water Systems and Associated Issues

There are different types of water heaters and hot water systems, like heat pumps, electric storage hot water systems, gas storage systems, solar systems, evacuated tubes, electric instantaneous hot water systems, instantaneous or continuous flow, etc.

So when your heater is not functioning in the supposed way, it can be due to different reasons. Well, you can try your hands on them yourself, but it can worsen the scenario unless you have some experience. Therefore, it is better not to try DIY methods and trust the professionals.

If you would like an agency that repairs all types of hot water systems, then browse the internet accordingly. The websites in your search results can have a click here option to help you confirm whether they install or repair the type of heater you have.

For your convenience, here are the top 5 hot water system malfunctions that can be repaired on the same day:


Water Not Heating up

The experts refer to this as the water temperature issue where the water does not heat up. This happens to be one of the most common issues with the system.

To be sure, you can go to the water tank and try adjusting the thermostat. If the water temperature does not rise, then the thermostat might be faulty. However, this can also be triggered by mineral deposits that reduce the heater's efficiency, or it might be the temperature-pressure relief valve that is impaired.


Smelly or Discoloured Water

If you have been noticing discolouration of the water and you feel there is some odour, then try to take note of the following points:

  • Whether you have been observing this for quite some time now
  • Whether all the faucets in the house has been producing this kind of water
  • Whether the problem goes away after you run the water for a while
  • Whether it happens to both hot and cold faucets

While the rust may cause discolouration in the pipes, the smell can have other reasons. The best way to know the root cause is to call the hot water service personnel.


The Noise

 It is annoying to take a shower amid your water heater making noise. And excessive mineral buildup could be one of the reasons, and probably, it is your heater's way to alarm you.


The Leakage

You can have a leakage in your hot water system and might be unaware because of:

  • poor installation
  • zero maintenance
  • too much pressure to the tank
  • system is old


Damaged Gas Control or Burner

If your burner is dirty and non-functional, the water won’t heat up. If your plumber diagnoses the issue, then the best solution would be to replace it.

So if you are experiencing any of the above complications, rest assured those can be fixed on the same day. Just avoid delaying and reach out to the best professionals in town.







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