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Why Do We Need Water Heaters?

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water heater

The importance of a water heater cannot be denied very easily as it is needed in our daily life for different household activities. It can be used for heating the water for the bath, plumbing fixtures, energy-saving, or helping people with hot water on demand. The modern water heater with different features that we use today is not built in an instant process. It has passed long testing activities and stages for coming to that present shape. 

Why are water heaters necessary?

The most common reason for the use of a water heater is that it reduces the consumption of energy. Besides that, we need hot water for daily cooking, bathing, and drinking in the case of some health issues. Before the invention of the water heater, people used kettles or pots for heating the water, which was very much time-consuming. But with the design and development of modern water heaters, it is now possible to get the heated water on demand with less energy and time consumption. Another benefit that a water heater can provide us is by increasing efficiency. In ancient times, people have to check constantly whether water is heated with their desired temperature or not. But now, you can set up the timer and temperature in the modern water heater with just one finger tap. 


Important things to know about water heaters

Following are some important things you should know about using a water heater.


Replacement Time: If you are using a brand new water heater in your home, you don't have to be too worried about it. But if you are using your water heater for seven or eight years, then you should check some of the signs that you may face at the time of heating water. Sometimes you will see, the water heater is taking a longer time than to heat the water or you are not getting the ultimate temperature from the heater. Sometimes you may face leaking from your heater, which indicates an immediate replacement. 


Lifespan: The lifespan of a water heater usually depends upon the maintenance and the level of usage of it. A well-maintained water heater can last up to ten to fifteen years. It depends on the actions and measurement which you take at the time of the maintenance period. 


Efficiency: As a water heater consumes energy, it is very much important for a homeowner to see whether their water heater is energy efficient or not. Most branded water heaters consume a lot less energy than an ordinary one. All water heaters have an energy factor which is a calculation that expresses the energy efficiency of heaters. A higher energy factor rating means the water consumes less energy and a lower energy factor means it consumes high energy. 


Types of water heaters


Tank-type water heater: This type of water heaters is also called the conventional storage-tank water heaters and commonly used by people. The main benefit of this type of water heaters is that it is cheaper and less costly compared to others and easy to install. Storage water heater lifespan usually is higher than others, and the typical lifespan of this type of water heater is around twelve years if it is cleaned and maintained regularly.


Tankless water heater: With the name, you can understand that this type of water heater has no use of a tank. The tankless water heater is spectacularly energy saving because it does not contain the water for a long time. Sometimes this type of water heater is also called an on-demand water heater. The average lifespan of this type of water heater is around ten to twelve years. The energy efficiency of this water is approximately 30 percent more than the conventional storage water heater. To know more about this and other tool reviews you can follow Technoguru.


Hybrid water heater: Hybrid water heater is usually the combination of a conventional storage water heater and the tankless water heater. There is an efficiency setting option through which you can save energy by only using the heat pump to heat the water on demand. In some hybrid water model, there is an option called "vacation timer" which will allow you to place your water heater on sleep mode when you are away. 


Point-of-use water heater: This type of water heater is used for reducing waste and improving the hot water distribution system. A point-of-use water heater heats the water from the sink or shower where mainly water is used instead of heating the water on central point like other heaters. If your home has hot tubs or needs additional water load, then you can consider using that type of water heater.  


Having a water heater in our home is now considered a regular need. But before purchasing it, you should consider the facts which are mentioned above. Having the right water heater can make your life a lot easier than you think.           







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