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Reasons To Choose A Professional For AC Installation

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man repairing air conditioner

man repairing air conditioner

It’s easy to get caught up in the DIY movement. TV shows, Youtube Channels, and websites try to convince people that anyone can be an expert at anything; it’s how they make their ad revenue go up. For some projects, this is perfectly fine. For example, want to change up your light switch, you can probably learn that from a video.  And though there are some significant advantages to DIY projects when it comes to little home fixes or minor updates, some tasks should always be left to the professionals.

We know it can be tempting to try to save a few bucks bypassing the installation cost, but in the end, it can end up costing you significantly more out of your wallet among the headache and dangers it could entail. Big projects, electrical projects, and dangerous projects are the ones that should pretty much always be left to the professionals, for example, AC Installation.

Do You Know the Risks?

First, let’s talk about personal safety. The amount of money you might save with A DIY version of your project cannot make up for the risks you would be taking.

Most AC units either use Freon or Puron. Freon is the most dangerous of the two options and is still in products produced up until 2010; it’s been phased out of newly manufactured AC units and other cooling devices because of its impact on the environment.Puron is a more environmentally friendly coolant option, but it’s still not safe for the untrained.

Freon gas can be life-threatening if mishandled; if something breaks and you start losing freon into the air, it can cause severe physical damage, starting with mild symptoms like headaches up to much more complex health problems. Puron is less dangerous but still should not be handled by someone without the proper training.

It’s not just the coolants involved that are aconcern. An air conditioner installation is a massive electrical process that pulls more power than almost everything else in our homes these days. These household-sized units aren’t just something you can plug into the electrical outlet on the wall. They have to be hardwired into the electrical box. For that, you need electrician-level skills to make sure that they are connected correctly. Misconnecting them can cause all sorts of problems. It could damage or destroy the AC unit, spark a fire, or cause extreme bodily harm if done wrong.

When you’re ready to have a new airconditioning system put in, you should always turn to the professionals. Trained HVAC workers have the education and equipment necessary to fix problems if they arise. Overall, they learn how to avoid the dangers and difficulties that non-trained homeowners simply don’t have the skills to handle. 


Permits? Regulations? Codes?

If you went the DIY route, youwould almost certainly need a professional inspection done. If it fails, you have to fix what isn’t up to code or regulation or call in a professional to fix it for you. Then you will need to get the connections re-inspected, and inspectors can be expensive.

Some areas require you to acquire a permit and adhere to strict codes when making upgrades to your home as substantial as an airconditioning unit because, as we’ve already discussed, there are dangers involved.

However, when you work with professionals, more often than not, they will know what requirements your area has and will walk you through or sometimes even handle the process for you. In addition, they may have inspectors on staff or that they work directly with so that you won’t be adding to the installation payment.

Homeowners often overlook the possibility of breaking other things as they begin some big new installation or project. Unfortunately, it happens often and usually is pretty expensive if you are attempting a DIY. The great thing about working with a high-quality professional instead of trying it yourself is that they have done their job often enough to anticipate and avoid breaking things.

Still, they are licensed and bonded on the off chance they do.  Licensed and bonded is a phrase we hear thrown around often but notably rarely consider the meaning. Licensed means that they have a business license to offer a service in their field legitimately, and bonded means that they have a surety bond, which is a type of insurance to cover the contract they make with you.


Location, Size, and BTUs

If the rest of the critical reasons to hire a professional to install your new AC unit didn’t convince you, these probably will. Installing the wrong size unit can cause major problems. Too small and it won’t keep your home cool enough, and too big can cause warm areas because it doesn’t reach the right areas of your home. Letting a professional install and help you pick the most suitable AC for your home improvement is crucial to having it work properly. HVAC Professionals understand just how many BTUs are needed for the size and design of your home and can offer you advice before you make your purchase.

Picking a location is also best left to the professionals as well. A larger unit can’t just go anywhere, and if you choose the wrong spot, you could end up hating it before the first summer is over. As much as they have improved and gotten quieter as technology has gone on, AC units are still loud. If you install it in the wrong spot, you may not be able to enjoy your movie nights without having to crank up the volume.

From personal safety to the safety of your home, installing a full-sized AC unit is not something that a homeowner should take on lightly. You don’t want to make that big of an investment to have it not turn out the way you’d imagined. Jobs that are this specific and extensive should always be left up to a professional service.







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