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What Is A Vortex Of Water?

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vortex of water

vortex of water

A vortex is a natural phenomenon, and it generally refers to spinning or swirling movement around a center. In the case of liquids, a vortex is usually formed when a fluid is stirred repetitively. Examples of different types of vortices present in nature are hurricanes, whirlpools in rivers, and tornadoes.

In rivers, springs, and streams, water naturally moves in vortexing motions. This free flow keeps water’s molecular structure in its natural, micro-clustered form, necessary for securing water’s health and vitality. The water in such conditions is often referred to as structured water. Various theories about structured water suggest that vortexing charges water and allows it to hold energy. When consumed, this energy has the power to recharge your body and hydrate it better than water with an altered molecular state. 

What Is Vortex Water Treatment?

Inspired by natural vortexing in water and its benefits, the vortex water or structured water treatments are designed, which can astonishingly reverse the causes of unnatural treatment such as pumping with pressure, putting water in narrow pipes, the addition of chlorine, etc. 

The technology of water vortexing is backed by the work of a legendary Austrian scientist, Viktor Schauberger.  He was one of the first who stated the importance of considering water’s natural needs when collecting and using it. He is the one who came up with the vortex technology - the treatment solution that mimics water’s natural flow form and revives its molecular structure.


What Makes Vortex Water Different?

Vortex water is a restoration of water to its original molecular structure, which utilizes water’s inherent properties, making it optimally beneficial for us to use. With vortex water, every water-related activity is positively influenced. One of the best things about it is that using vortex water widely has the potential of changing today’s water crisis and minimizing the burden carried by the environment. 

Now let’s see how we can get revitalized water and exactly what benefits should be expected from it. 


Benefits of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™

Mother Earth has given us many blessings to live the best quality lives. However, pollution, industrial waste, and certain other activities have altered the original attributes, vitality, and shape of these god gifted things such as water. In our effort to make water available to the growing communities through pressures, pumping, and the addition of chemicals, water has lost its original taste, vitality, and structure.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is an evolutionary treatment solution that takes water’s natural needs into consideration. With a single, non-permanent installation, you can enjoy the water at its purest and most beneficial form.

If you are using The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ at home, it has several proven health benefits such as:


1. Instant Absorption in Body

The structure of regular tap water is made up of large clusters of interlinked water molecules. When water passes through The Vortex Water Revitalizer™, the implosion can break down these large clusters of water molecules into microclusters. This water can be easily absorbed as compared to ordinary tap water. Resultantly, you can consume a large amount of water without it feeling heavy, allowing you to hydrate properly without a hassle. 


2. Improved Bodily Functions

Water is the major component of our bodies. More than 70% of the human body is made of water, and almost every single organ requires water for its optimal functioning. Your brain, kidneys, skin, lungs - everything depends on water. If the water you drink is revitalized, it helps in better absorption of vital nutrients, removal of toxins, and healthy functioning of our bodies. 


3. Enhances Water’s Self-Cleaning Property

In order to clean the water and make it safe for drinking purposes, various chemicals are added, such as chlorine. This may disinfect water but results in several other long-term side effects. Revitalized Water restores the self-cleaning ability of water just like that of streams and springs without exposing water to any chemical or other hazardous process. 


4. It Balances the pH Level of Water

pH is the measure of the acidity of a liquid. On a scale of 0-14, anything at 7 has a balanced pH. Revitalized water has a pH between 6.8-7.2 which is exactly what our body wants. If this naturally softened water is used for bathing, it will not cause dry or itchy skin and scalp. 


5. It Ensures Better Hygiene

As mentioned above, vortex water has a self-cleaning ability and is softer in nature. So when you use it, you do not need to worry about using huge quantities of chemicals and cleansers for your personal hygiene as well as for dishwashing and laundry - revitalized water does most of the job. 


6. Benefits for your Plants and Environment

Plants are living organisms, and they also depend on the water just like any other living creature. The quality of water used for irrigation purposes determines the health and growth of plants.  With The Vortex Water Revitalizer™, the quality of soil and its humidity retention ability improves. Your plants will need less frequent irrigation, and they flourish in a better way, both in color, texture, and yield.


Why Is Vortex Water Good For You?

Vortex water is as vital for our bodies as eating nutritious and organic food. Just as any chemically treated food has harmful long-term health consequences, any water that is other than natural water is not suitable for use in the long term. 

For example, if you drink demineralized water for a long time, it will cause mineral deficiency. If you drink alkaline water continuously, it may disturb your body’s pH. The only solution is using natural water with all its life-giving properties.

 Vortex water is good for you because:

  • It hydrates you in a better way while feeling light on your stomach;
  • Energizes your body more effectively;
  • It keeps your internal as well as external organs healthy; 
  • It decreases the need for chemicals for cleansing, washing, and maintaining hygiene;
  • It removes toxins from your cells more speedily;
  • The meal that you cook with vortex water will be tastier and healthier;
  • The increased levels of dissolved oxygen allow the more effective breakdown of wastewater, thus benefiting the environment. 

And that’s not it! Vortex water benefits stretch out to every single activity that needs water, including the manufacturing of goods. With a single product, you can change your life for the better instantly and simultaneously benefit everyone around you.