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5 Reasons To Choose TPO Roofing Over Other Materials.

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Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

One of the significant challenges homeowners face towards completing their construction is choosing the roofing materials. Luckily, these roofing materials have various features, pros, and cons you can use to compare and choose.

Although comparing the roofing materials is tedious, there are many reasons to choose TPO roofs. These roofs are primarily installed in commercial buildings, so you can use TPO roofs if you are building houses for rent. They are also fire resistant and affordable.

This article will look at the advantages TPO has over other roofing materials. However, before buying, you should also research the disadvantages, which we will mention, to weigh if they are problems you can deal with.

Without further ado, let us get started.

What Is TPO Roofing?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is also called TPO. The single-ply roofing material is made with a heat-reflective material that increases its energy efficiency and longevity. It also comes in different thicknesses, and the thicker the roofing material, the higher the price.

TPO roofs are about 20 years old in the market, but they are gaining popularity and slowly passing other roofing materials, thanks to the roof’s durability and energy efficiency.

The roof belongs to the group of rubber roofing materials, with its counterparts being EPDM and PVC. Although these are another rapidly growing roofing option, TPO is made with a combination of their benefits to make a better roofing material.


TPO Installation Is Easy

TPO roofing material comes in rolls, and since it is lightweight, it is easy to install. However, roof installation requires you to have skills and expertise. Otherwise, it will not be effective.

To reduce the chances of suffering the consequences of poor roof installation like leaks and maintenance costs, hire a qualified installer. Click here http://www.roofmasterlubbock.com/tpo-roofing/ to visit their website and contact them to know the installation rates.

One advantage TPO roof has over the other roofing materials is the variety of insulation materials to choose from. The insulation creates a barrier between the inner roofing materials and the top membrane of the material to prevent hot air exchanges.

Some of the choices you have are;

1. Polyisocyanurate Or Polyiso

Polyiso is the most common insulation material installed underneath the TPO roofing. However, it is more expensive than the rest because of the high R-value rating meaning it can withstand heat.


2. Expanded Polystyrene Or EPS

EPS is another preferred insulation material. Installers fix it on the roof or the floor, and it has a high R-value. EPS has a high insulation value, and it is also water-resistant to ensure water does not sip through the inner roofing materials.


3. Extruded Polystyrene Or XPS

The XPS insulation material is available in pink, blue, and green colors, and its performance and cost are between those of EPS and Polyiso. Although it is not as effective as the other two, it is pretty affordable and a good choice.


Why TPO Roofing Is Better Than Other Roofing Materials

The many options of insulation materials for TPO roofs contribute to its popularity. Here are why most building owners buy TPO roofs over the other materials.

1. Affordability

TPO roofs cost less than metal and asphalt shingles. Besides, the roofing material is also less costly than other rubber roof materials like EPDM. The roofs are also preferred for flat roofs, making them easy to install.

 However, the buying and installation costs depend on the manufacturer, roof size, and the thickness of the material. Although installing these roofs is easy, consider hiring a Roof Masters and Constructions installer for a perfect job.


2. Eco-Friendly

Most TPO roofs have a white reflective top membrane that reflects UV rays. When the sun does not hit the roof directly, there is less energy transmission in and out of the building maintaining the room temperatures.

Correct room temperatures reduce the usage of heating and cooling systems, reducing energy usage. This also decreases energy bills, allowing building owners to save more.

Also, the lightweight TPO allows the material to fit in most roof shapes and styles. In addition, the roof is manufactured using few materials, and it is recyclable. This reduces environmental pollution.


3. Durability And Longevity

TPO roofs are made with a durable material to withstand most climatic conditions. First, its installation style protects the roof from strong winds. It also has a water-resistant membrane for protection against water leakage.

The rubber roofing material also has a reflective top to divert UV rays. This protects it from heat damage that could fasten deterioration of the material. The roof lasts about 20 years.


4. Flexibility

TPO roofs can change with the changing temperatures. When it is hot, the roof expands and contracts in cold temperatures protecting the material from wear and tear resulting from the changes temperature variations bring.


TPO Roofing Cons

Before purchasing the roof, it is essential to check its cons. They will help you select the roofing material or go for other options.

1. Installation

Although the TPO roofing material is lightweight and requires less workmanship, it also needs the expertise to install. There are different installation methods, and getting the installation wrong can lead to other roofing problems.

Besides, when hiring an installer, they should know the best installation method to fit your roof’s type. Only hire experienced installers who are trained, have a license and insurance.


2. Aesthetically Unappealing

The aesthetics of a roof are not a top priority when buying a roofing material, but they are essential. A beautiful roof increases your home’s curb appeal value and could attract buyers.

However, if you are exclusively looking for aesthetics, TPO roofs are unsuitable. The roof has plain colors like white and black, although you can customize the top to look like shingles.


Final Words

TPO roofs are suitable options for commercial building owners. Its lifespan is shorter than other materials, but you pay less for energy and get a low-maintenance roof. However, ensure you hire a qualified installer to fix your roof correctly.







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