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Seven Most Common Furnace Problem And Repairs You Should Know About

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A furnace is more than a necessary home appliance. It is a blessing by all means that keeps your home warm and cozy during inclement weather. Undoubtedly, it is vital to keep an appliance, as important as a furnace, updated and periodically checked. Furnaces work all round the clock for us and make our lives more bearable in harsh winter.

Therefore, several issues can arise with your furnace which requires your attention. Although you can deal with the most common furnace problems by yourself, you must make the right judgment call and ask for professional help when needed.

Calling for Professional Help

It is not uncommon for appliances or machines to act weird and go out of order. They are, after all, machines. You can know the common problems and issues beforehand to prevent this from happening. As a homeowner, you must have a handy tool kit that makes it convenient to do minor repairs around the house.

Nevertheless, never hesitate to call for professional help if there is any combustion hazard or gas-related risks in your house. The precious lives of your beloved family members are not worth taking the risk. You have to search for furnace repairs near me, and you can get top-rated repair companies in a matter of seconds!


Common Furnace Problems and Repairs



Apart from the life-threatening risks following are some of the common furnace problems that homeowners might face from time to time. Let us have a look.

1. Dirty Filters

More than half of the furnace problems are rooted in a dirty filter, as it is the most common issue that can affect your furnace's performance. You can spot a dirty filter if there is reduced airflow, and as a result, your furnace has to overwork. It is imperative that this furnace problem is addressed.

Dust particles accumulate in the air filters and block the air pathway. Some smaller dust particles might flow throughout the house and spread allergens. It is why cleaning or changing filters is extensively essential.

If you have a fiberglass filter installed in your furnace, you need to replace it in under two months. In the case of a paper filter, you should check for it every three to six months. Third, and the most long-lasting of all the types of filters, is an electrostatic filter. It can easily last for a couple of years if you clean it regularly.


2. Pilot Light Issues

A blue-colored and intense pilot flame indicates that your furnace is working correctly. However, if you observe that your pilot light is out, you can try relighting it first. However, if relighting the pilot does not work for a long time and keeps going out, then it is time that you call a professional for help.

Another significant furnace problem is the inefficient burning of the pilot. It might be well lit, but there might be an underlying problem if the flame is not blue. You can check for dirt in the intake valve as it might not be letting oxygen feed into the flame.


3. Inefficient Heating Due to Dirty Ductwork

In addition to changing filters, furnaces also require cleaning of the ductwork. Dust particles accumulate in the duct and significantly affect the heat output. Moreover, it can be a significant health hazard for the whole family.

You can easily spot this furnace issue by cleaning your ductwork periodically. A simple check by placing your hand in front of the furnace vents can reveal an underlying problem. You can contact reliable furnace repairing companies that offer their help in drafting a maintenance plan annually. This way, you can never skip periodic checkups, and your appliance will last longer.


4. Electric Ignition Issues

Several latest home furnaces have an electric ignition instead of a pilot light sourced by electricity. Such ignitions have no visible flames; hence, they can posit some problems, and you would not know. However, you have to keep an observant eye on the heating cycles and the activity of the blower.

If you spot any problem at the start or end of the heating cycle or frequent change in heating levels, there might be an issue with the igniter, temperature switch, or power fluctuations. Although it is wise to call professionals for issues regarding gas or electricity, there are specific steps you can do on too.

You can check the breakers and ensure that they are working fine. You can attempt turning off the furnace for a few minutes before turning it back on again.


5. Thermostat Issues

Another most significant furnace issue is a malfunctioning thermostat. The biggest indicator of such a problem is the inefficient heat produced by the furnace. Thermostat issues manifest themselves in erratic heat production or no heat.

The easiest home repairs you can easily do in this regard include checking if the furnace is on. The thermostat turns on as you turn the furnace on to quickly solve this issue. However, if the problem remains, you must check and replace the backup batteries. You can also solve this problem by ensuring that the circuit breaker or fuse is not tripped or blown. In either case, reset or replace the fuse or breaker.

Another effective solution for thermostat problems is to check its performance with the help of a multi-tester. For this, you have to locate the thermostat in the furnace service panels. Turn off the circuit before testing the wires.

If the problem persists, it is the right time to call professional help.


6. Blower Problems

If you observe that the blower in your furnace is running continuously, you might have a serious issue with the limit switch. The fundamental function of the limit switch is to convey to the blower about the furnace temperature. If it is not carrying out this function properly, then the furnace issue might be severe, and you need to call a professional right away.


7. Noisy Furnace

An excessively noisy furnace is not normal. It is probably indicative of something wrong with the airflow, such as a clogged duct or burner. If you repeatedly observe a loud noise at the starting of your furnace, you need to check the ignition. Delayed ignition might be due to oil or dust building in the chamber, causing it to ignite all of a sudden at once.

If your furnace is making rattling or vibrating noises, it can be due to loose air ducts or the unstable position of the furnace. You can quickly solve this by screwing the furnace down properly. You can use duct tape to secure the screws in place.

Whistling sounds by the furnace can indicate a leaking duct or clogged filter. You have to replace the filter first and observe if the noises persist. If the whistling does not stop, you can clean the air ducts or replace them.



Better Safe Than Sorry

It is always safe to keep an eye open for any issues your furnace might indicate. Gas leakage or electricity issues are not something to ignore. You should address them right away and ensure that the periodic cleaning and checkup of the furnace are done on time. It will save you from frequent furnace problems, and as a result, your appliance can last longer than usual.







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