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Is It Worth Switching To Tankless Water Heater?

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water heater tap

water heater tap

We humans have countless blessings, but we don’t truly appreciate their importance until we lose them or don’t have them when needed. Warm water is one such blessing or comfort which is truly missed when it is absent, and especially during winters, warm water is an absolute necessity. The cold months can be tough to endure without warm water, and fortunately, we are part of an era in which it is straightforward to get warm water.

We have numerous options to access warm water without breaking a sweat. For example, we have geysers that help get warm water right away, but we also have an option like water heating systems since the technology is constantly evolving. These water heaters need to be switched on to provide warm water 24/7.

However, a problem with these water heaters is that they consume a lot of energy, so most people switch from conventional water heaters to tankless ones. Tankless water heaters are so energy efficient because, unlike traditional water heaters, they don’t need to work to heat the water constantly. Tankless water heaters instantly generate warm water with electric coils or high-powered gas burners.

You are probably reading this because you, too, are thinking of switching from a standard water heater to a tankless one, and you must also be wondering whether it is worth it or not. So, to make things easier for you and to make sure that you make the right decision, we will walk you through various reasons why it is worth buying a tankless water heater and why it is not.

Why Switching is Worth It

Pro: Energy Efficient

One of the significant and most obvious reasons for switching from a standard water heater to a tankless water heater is that it consumes very little energy daily and is way more energy efficient than a conventional water heater. It has also been seen that tankless water heaters are about 22% more efficient.

This way, the tankless water heaters save energy and save you a lot of money, you might not notice how much it keeps you every month, but when you calculate annually, you would see a significant difference.


Pro: Longer Lifespan

Another primary reason it is worth switching to a tankless water heater is that it lasts way longer than a standard water heater. It is said that a traditional water heater lasts for roughly a decade, whereas a tankless model lasts twice as long. If you switch to a tankless water heater, you would not have to change your heaters every ten years; this factor also saves money in the long run.


Pro: Lengthy Warranties 

Since tankless water heaters have a longer life span, they also come with lengthy warranties. This is one of the best parts about owning a tankless water heater because 20 years is a long time, and if anything goes wrong with the heater in the next 20 years, the homeowner would not have to pay for the repairs.


Pro: Quick Warm Water

Like we said earlier, the tankless water heater uses electric coils and high-powered gas burners to make the water warm; this saves energy and saves your time because you don’t have to wait for the water to get warm is stored in the tank. All you need to do is open your tap, and you can instantly access warm water.


Pro: Different Power Sources

Unlike the conventional water heating systems, the tankless ones have different power sources. While most tankless water heaters are powered by natural gas, electric ones are also on the market. If the electrical infrastructure is adequately designed, you can power your tankless water heater with electricity.


Pro: Easily Available

A misconception about tankless water heaters is that most believe it is not readily available. However, the truth is that you can get your hands on a tankless water heater as quickly as a standard water heater. The easiest way to get a tankless water heater is online; all you have to do is Google something like “tankless water heater in Calgary,” and you’re good to go.


Saves Space but Requires Additional Equipment 

You must have noticed that we neither labeled this a pro nor a con. And the reason for that is because there are different perspectives regarding this point. Some people believe that it saves space, and others believe it doesn’t. 

Tankless water is tiny and compact compared to a traditional water heater, and the reason for that is apparent: it does not consist of a storage unit. People usually install this heater on their walls or in places where space is limited.

However, some people don’t look at it that way and think it consumes more space than it saves. That is because the tankless water heaters have additional equipment such as the water softener. The bulky water softener takes space next to where the heater is installed. Along with the softener, some salt bags also take up space on the wall. 


Why it is not

Con: Water Supply is limited

Currently, you might be using a standard water heating system, and you would know how efficient a traditional water heater is in terms of holding water. A typical heating system has 30 to 80 gallons of water; however, a tankless water heating system does not contain any water. It warms the water right away, and a side effect is that there could be a shortage of when two people are using the warm water simultaneously.


Con: Higher Initial Cost 

Tankless water heaters indeed save you money in the long run, but it is also true that their initial cost is exceptionally high. Most tankless water heaters cost double that of a standard water heater, and the newer, specialized models are even more expensive. This is not only the cost of installing a tankless water heater is also very high.


Con: Additional Maintenance 

Most people face a problem while using a tankless water heater because mineral builds up in the waterline, and they have to clear it annually. Apart from this, different things are done to maintain tankless water heaters and for a longer life for their heater.


Con: Solar Heating Not Available

These days, almost everything is being powered by solar power; however, tankless water heaters do not have a solar power model, whereas standard heaters do have this option. These traditional heaters consist of solar collectors and storage tanks that help eliminate electricity and gas.


Final Note

The pros of switching from a standard water heater to a tankless one would always outweigh the cons. So, why not take advantage of this modern amenity and make your life extremely easy.







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