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Top 5 Reasons Why Foundations Degrade Faster

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Foundation repair is an important aspect of maintaining the structural integrity of any home or commercial building. Unfortunately, some foundations degrade more rapidly than others because of various factors, including soil type and moisture levels. It is important to understand why some foundations degrade more quickly than others to prevent or minimize foundation damage.

Acting swiftly and understanding these causes can prevent expensive repairs. What causes some foundations to degrade more rapidly than others? Identifying potential issues before they become bigger is important to avoid accelerated degradation.

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Factors Contributing to Foundation Degradation

Here we list out top 5 common factors precisely contributing to foundation degradation.


Soil Conditions

The soil conditions beneath a foundation can be important in determining how well it will stand up to the elements over time. Too soft or wet soil can cause foundations to settle unevenly and form cracks, while unstable soils allow water to seep through the foundation and erode its support. In either case, these factors contribute to a foundation’s degradation and the need for repair.

In addition, the type of soil plays a huge role in how professional companies approach foundation repair. For example, expansive soils, which can swell and shrink from moisture levels, can cause severe damage to foundations. Special techniques are needed to shore up these foundations, as traditional methods may be less effective. Similarly, clay soil can shrink and crack when dry and can be difficult to repair without the right expertise.

Monitoring soil conditions around a house is necessary to prevent foundations from deteriorating quickly. Regularly inspecting foundation walls for signs of water damage or other structural problems will keep them in good condition longer. Professional foundation repair companies should assess the stability of a foundation before making any major repairs. You can build a strong, lasting foundation using proper techniques.



The degradation of foundations can cause structural damage and destruction of property, which is why understanding what causes foundations to degrade faster is important. Inadequate drainage around the foundation is a major factor. As a result of poor drainage, soils can become unstable, and their foundations can become unstable due to erosion.

Water seeping into a basement or crawl space can create hydrostatic pressure against the foundation’s walls and weaken them over time if not properly addressed. This water infiltration causes insufficient grading around the house, preventing proper runoff from the foundation during heavy rainfalls. If there are no gutters around your home and you have inadequate landscaping, this could be a prime source of water infiltration.

To address this issue, installing proper drainage systems around your foundation is important to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates near your home. Installing French drains or other drain systems can help direct water away from the foundation before it has a chance to cause damage. It’s also important to ensure the soil is graded away from your home for effective runoff and ensure gutters are cleaned often and functioning correctly. Properly addressing drainage issues can be essential for preventing future foundation repair problems.


It’s the age

It is very important to repair the foundation of your home, especially for older homes. As the age of a home increases, so does the likelihood that it will need foundation repair due to wear and tear or even natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Many factors can cause foundation degradation, but some are more common than others in older homes.

One major factor that affects why some foundations degrade faster than others is the settlement. Settlement occurs when the soil underneath a house shifts or compacts over time due to changes in weather conditions or other external forces. It can cause the foundation to weaken and eventually crack, leading to expensive repairs to keep the structure stable and safe. The age of a home can make it more susceptible to settlement.

In addition, the materials used to build a foundation can also play a role in its durability. Foundations in older homes have inferior materials, such as wood which can easily rot away over time. Therefore, newer homes are usually built with concrete or other sturdier materials to withstand weathering.


Heavy Loads

Building weight causes foundations to degrade faster than others. Structures or houses that are heavy may put a strain on the foundation improperly designed or constructed correctly. The additional load can cause the foundation to move and settle, causing cracks, settling, and other problems. Any construction project can last for years with the help of an experienced professional who understands how foundations are designed and installed.


Quality of workmanship

Several factors contribute to why some foundations degrade faster than others, including the quality of workmanship. Improper foundation construction or installation could result in drainage problems, soil settling, and other problems that could cause the foundation to weaken over time. A professional with experience designing and installing foundations can ensure a strong foundation lasting many years.

Properly repairing your house foundation is essential for maintaining the structure’s stability over time. A well-graded soil around your home, drainage systems, and on-time construction can prevent foundation repairs in the future. You may also notice signs of settlement or other damage. The situation should be assessed and resolved as soon as possible by an experienced professional. Your foundation will remain sturdy and safe for years if you address these issues promptly.







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