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5 Signs Your Locks Got Tampered

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Determining whether your lock has been tampered with is a difficult task. Most people only check their locks regularly if they live in an area where lockpicking is common. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that someone could have tried to pick it, break it, or even copied the key without you knowing. Even if you don’t suspect that someone has messed with your lock, some signs still suggest the possibility of tampering. Knowing what to look out for is important so that you can take action and safeguard your property. If you’re in Oklahoma City (OKC), professional locksmiths can help identify if someone has meddled with your locks and provide appropriate solutions such as new keys or rekeying services.


5 signs you need to pay attention to your locks

A simple way to determine whether your locks have been tampered with is to check the condition of your key and lock. Look for any signs of wear or tear, such as scratches, dents, or other marks that are out of the ordinary. If you can’t open the lock easily, something may be wrong or feel different from usual when using your key. Here are five things you should always check in your locks.


1. Missing Pieces of the Lock:

It is a very obvious sign that your lock has been tampered with, and it’s important to take note of this immediately. Someone could have tried to pick or break it, resulting in missing pieces. If you see this happening, contact a locksmith professional in OKC directly, as they can replace the lock before someone gains access to your property.


2. Scratches on the Lock:

You can only tell if someone has tried picking a lock with an expert’s help or expertise, so keep an eye out for any scratches around the keyhole, as these may indicate tampering attempts. It is especially true if there are far more scratches than usual, which can suggest that someone is trying to pick the lock unless you have a kat that loves to scratch on locks.


3. The Lock Moves Easily:

Another tell-tale sign of tampering is if your lock seems to move around easily from side to side when you try to turn it. It could mean someone has forced or manipulated the lock’s internal components to gain access without a key.


4. Unusual Sounds When You Use Your Key:

When you hear any unusual sounds from your lock, such as grinding, clicking, or scraping when using your key, you should be mindful of this. These noises can signify wear and tear but could also mean somebody has been messing with the lock.


5. Wrong Key Fits the Lock:

It is possible that someone has tampered with or even copied your key if your key doesn’t fit into the lock properly. Changing the locks and getting new keys for your home is as simple as calling an Oklahoma City locksmith.


How should we proceed?

Locks that are damaged shouldn’t be left unattended. Suppose any of the above symptoms are present. In that case, it’s important to contact a locksmith professional in OKC to assess the situation and provide an appropriate solution, such as rekeying or replacing the locks. It will help ensure your property is secure from intruders or unwanted guests. Here are five things you must do after discovering someone tampering with your locks.


1. Don’t Panic:

It can be easy to panic if you think someone has been messing with your lock, but it’s important to remain calm and look for a solution. Contacting a locksmith professional in OKC will help you gain peace of mind knowing that an expert is handling the situation.


2. Change Your Keys:

If you find out, someone may have copied your key; it’s advisable to replace all of your keys as soon as possible. An expert locksmith in OKC can provide new keys quickly and securely so that you can rest assured your property is safe from intruders or unwanted visitors.


3. Check For More Signs of Tampering:

If you observe any above signs, you should look for other tampering indications. Inspect the locks carefully around the area to ensure no further damage.


4. Rekey or Replace Your Locks:

Locksmith professionals can rekey or replace your locks after you have checked for more signs of tampering. Only those with authorization should be able to access your property.


5. Consider an Upgrade:

Consider upgrading your locks after a break-in or tampering incident occurs. Adding a layer of protection gives you peace of mind knowing your locks are more secure. A professional locksmith in Oklahoma City can advise you on the best type of lock for your security needs.

Recent years have seen more tampering incidents occurring in Oklahoma. Everyone must take steps to protect their property from intruders or unwanted visitors. By being aware of the signs of lock tampering and taking action if you find any evidence, you can help ensure that your property remains secure and protected at all times. When you suspect that someone has tampered with your locks, contact a professional locksmith in Oklahoma City as soon as possible so they can provide the right solution for keeping your home or business safe.