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9 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Home Decor

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You might be thinking to yourself, There’s nothing wrong with my furniture! and you wouldn’t be wrong – there’s nothing wrong with the furniture you have now. However, there are some things you can do to make your home decor even better, and it doesn’t take much money or effort at all. This article will walk you through how to change your home decor with the help of the Koala Living furniture store. They provide trending home decor at a good price and great quality. You will be living in your dream house in no time!


What benefit will you get from house renovation?

There is no doubt that home renovation brings to people a lot of pleasant, happy and memorable times. If you are going to renovate your house, you should consider these 9 reasons before doing it.


1) Robots

For decades, robots have been just a part of science fiction and movies. And while most people have only seen them on-screen, they’re becoming more of a part of our lives every day. From home gadgets to vehicle manufacturers, there are many areas in which we will see robots taking over mundane jobs and tasks within the coming years. Although most domestic uses for these machines are still being developed and tested, they’ll become quite common in less than ten years.


2) Voice control

Robots are already cleaning our homes and doing our chores, so it’s not that much of a stretch to believe that by 2022, robots will be in charge of organizing and displaying your home decor as well. A company called Cori has already made strides in that direction: They make a robot powered by Alexa (by Amazon) which does exactly what we describe—it organizes home decor for you based on voice commands. It’s simple—when you want it to tidy up, say, Alexa, tidy up my house. And voila! Cori gets to work organizing bookshelves or putting shoes away into closets. The future is here!


3) Touch screen technology

Touch screen technology is slowly but surely becoming integrated into everyday life. With bigger and bigger touch screens being included in almost every appliance, it’s only a matter of time before we start to see them in many more areas of our homes. It’s difficult to predict exactly how these larger touch screens will be used, but for now, we’re seeing them take on a role as secondary displays that don’t need to be interacted with very often, if at all. 

Future home designs will likely incorporate many large touch screens as less important tools, letting you control your thermostat from anywhere in your house or change a channel with a flick of your wrist.


4) Smart homes will get more popular

Smart home technology has been a reality for years, but it hasn’t caught on yet. But that could change over time; as smart homes become cheaper and more seamless to use, consumers will be more likely to adopt them. 

One-touch automation is already getting popular; for example, many new cars come with built-in sensors that automatically dim your headlights when you pull into your garage at night. Automation makes life easier in small ways like these; smart home technology can do so in larger ones, too. In 2022, having a smart home will be something of a status symbol among younger generations looking to show off their impressive technological skills.


5) Smart appliances

More than 40 million smart home devices shipped in 2017, according to research firm Gartner. If you have an older device, consider swapping it out for a newer model that can connect directly to your WiFi network and enable remote monitoring. 

If you haven’t invested in smart appliances yet, start small with a connected plug that allows you to turn on a fan or air conditioner while away from home; they don’t come much more affordable than that. We predict you’ll be hooked after one use!


6) Durable fabrics and furniture that last longer

Many people can’t afford to update their home decor as frequently as they’d like, which means they end up stuck with outdated furniture and fabrics. But modern fabric technologies mean durable, textured fabrics that last longer are more affordable than ever before—and if you invest in pieces that stand up to wear and tear, you can set yourself up for less frequent redecorating while still updating your space on a budget. 

Choose an area rug or sofa cover instead of drapes, or use an area rug under a bed frame instead of purchasing a mattress protector. These investments will be worth it when it comes time to re-decorate!


7) Eco-friendly plants and materials

As our planet grows smaller, there is an increased focus on conservation. More people than ever are taking measures to keep their carbon footprint low and use environmentally friendly materials in home decor. Whether you’re looking for natural fibre rugs or bamboo curtains, there are many eco-friendly alternatives to common household items that you can use in your home. 

These days, more than ever before, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sustainably decorate your home. Just make sure not to overlook any of those little details that can be harmful to our environment, like paint solvents or plastic bags—and try and think outside of plastic whenever possible!


8) Accent wall design

An accent wall is a great way to give your home a new look while bringing in colour or texture. Accent walls have become incredibly popular in recent years, as homeowners aim to make their houses truly reflect their personalities and interests. 

A bold red wall can be used to create contrast with other neutral colours—for example, you might use an orange or yellow paint colour on one wall of a living room, set off by light grey on the other three walls.


9) Color palette trends

The first thing you should do is learn what colours are trending in 2022. With so many design blogs and Instagram accounts dedicated to home décor, it shouldn’t be hard to see what colour palettes your favourite brands will be using a few years from now. Here’s a quick guide to next year’s colour trends



When it comes to home decor, trust your gut. It’s your space, and you should live in a way that makes you feel happy and at ease. When you choose a style that truly fits your personality, no one will be able to resist hanging out with you.







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